Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

Fishing with trotlines especially has been good. I haven’t heard of too much luck with rod and reel fishing but with trotlining they have been using the big carp for bait going after the giant flatheads. I don’t know any weights but I know they were successful over the weekend with that.

They were also using bullheads and gold fish for bluecats.

Crappie fishing: I’ve only heard one report from Schell. They guy said he caught a small one there by the tube. He had two bites that he fought for several minutes and both of them broke 8 lb. test line so he’s thinking maybe the blue cats were biting on his minnows. It wasn’t going to be a crappie.

He came back in and bought another half pound of minnows. I’m just hoping he changed his tackle.

Lake Stockton Report

by Michelle Christie

Stockton State Park Marina

A guy came in today that said they caught a few crappie. He didn’t say what size or where they caught them. But at least we know they are biting.

Stockton Area Report

by Brad Burns

Happy Hooker

Fishing is pretty good. They are catching a lot of bluegill in the river now, here below the dam and at Caplinger. Catfish are still biting.

Crappie have slowed down.

They are still running water 3 or 4 hours a day.

Walleye are still biting in the lake below 23 feet on worm harnesses.

Crappie are in the brushpiles probably 20 ft. deep or so.

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