Update on NEVC improvements

Posted October 18, 2012 at 12:54 pm

by Cheryl Bogardus and the NEVC maintenance staff

As I promised, I am providing an update on the improvements that have been done at the NEVC Campuses in Schell City and Walker. While improvements are on-going, our “major facility upgrades” have been planned for a five-year span due to budget, manpower and time constraints. These are improvements as promised since the election in 2011.

1. New lights and energy saving packages at both Campuses made possible by a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) grant.

2. Schell City campus has added a staff restroom, a nurse's office centrally located to care for children, new paint and classroom upgrades, Additional restroom facilities for the children, playground equipment and safety ground materials installed, repairs to the 6th grade and music building (not part of the enclosed main building) Fence upgrades for child safety.

A Grant from the Moss Foundation went for the purchase of 25 new computers for the elementary technology center and a separation of the technology infrastructure binding

Walker and Schell and delaying technology growth.

Kids First committee purchased 25 chairs for the computer lab

PTO purchased the playground equipment and a fun house to be used for student rewards

New energy efficient air conditioners were installed where needed.

Larry Carter is on top of things fixing small things before they become major.

3. Walker Campus:

Complete gym update: Walls, floors, ceilings, locker rooms. showers, new plumbing and lobby doors.

Through the efforts of the NEVC Booster club, Kids First Committee and volunteer labor by community members these Baseball field improvements were made possible: New fence, bleachers, concession stand upgrades. Field was leveled and mound upgraded for drainage and improved playing surface.

Kids First also purchased 100 much needed, new folding chairs for use at school/community events/

Improvements to the roof on the central building with complete replacement part of the five-year plan.

New windows on the front and side office area.

Office restructure to include a principal’s office

Energy efficient air conditioners and heating units

Restrooms installed on second and third floor.

Walls drywalled and painted,

Ceilings lowered and tiled in 70% of the classrooms. Remaining rooms will be completed next summer

All first floor classrooms have custom made wall shelving to replace the hodge-podge bookcases scavenged from other places. (2nd and 3rd floor classrooms will be done next summer)

New roof on ball field concession stand.

Awnings installed over the north doors on east end to prevent water issues

New paint and carpet for the Library.

Science room upgraded for storage of equipment, student safety and allow for more efficient teaching

Little gym ceiling patched and repaired for safety and aesthetics

New stage flooring

Bleachers repaired.

Two rooms on the third floor, previously unusable, have been completely restored and are functioning classrooms as well as re-purposing a small office on that floor

All classrooms have been repainted and received new white boards

Windows replaced, or sealed and caulked, so leaking is no longer an issue

Other improvements include east end air conditioner compressor, fencing around the propane tanks for student safety, larger efficient refrigerator for cafeteria cook space,

Teacher desks and chairs

Storage area added by enclosing space under the stairs and additional storage created in teacher workroom

New security cameras/system for the building and buses.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my helpers this summer. We got a lot accomplished.

I am making the list for this coming year so will be hitting all the sales and surplus buildings for the next nine months with each field trip to KC, Jefferson City and every where in between.