The Rock Wall

Posted December 6, 2012 at 9:55 am

We started hearing reports of a bank robbery at Liberty Bank Tuesday morning. I called the police department and it was true. In fact, Chief Schiereck had already e-mailed his press release to Mary.

We are thankful that no one got hurt. I know it has to always be in the back of bank employees’ minds that people rob banks. Then it is slammed to the forefront by an incident like this.

So, don’t wear your dark sunglasses and a hoodie into any of the banks. You might find yourself the center of attention.

– We were planning to go out to eat Thanksgiving dinner (which is our noon meal) so Kimball wouldn’t have to cook just for us since Adrian and Davis, who came up to vote, plan to come back at Christmas.

We told folks after prayer meeting Wednesday night of our plans. Gayle Bell invited us to come to her house. She didn’t have to twist our arms. She said her mother, Bonnie, and husband, Clyde, would be there along with her sister, Sheila, and sisters’ families.

She told us not to bring anything, but I asked Kimball to make rumaki out of breast meat from fall turkeys. She used the recipe from the Cooking Wild in Missouri book Lana Wilson sold me for an anniversary present for Kimball.

Her first attempt – a home run. You cut almost any meat into 1⁄4 inch strips across the grain then marinate it over night in soy sauce (low sodium) and terryaki sauce. Wrap a slice of water chestnut in the meat and impale it on a toothpick (not through the water chestnut.) Wrap that in half a strip of bacon on the toothpick. Grill until done.

It felt like we were part of the family when we walked in. We see all of them at church. We’ve only known the younger ones since they were born.

The rumaki made a good appetizer for the Thanksgiving feast. After we ate, several of us wound up in the yard shooting guns, just like we did at Grandpa Long’s house back when. That was after Danny and I cruised his deer timber looking for ways to attract more. As we started into the timber, we met a bunch of the young bucks (human kind) who had been around the dinner table minutes earlier.

I mentioned last week that the key to Thanksgiving might be rediscovering things we already have to be thankful for. We did. What a peaceful, completely enjoyable Thanksgiving it turned out to be. Hope yours did, too.