Tri-Co Quilt Club to meet Jan. 7

Posted January 3, 2013 at 12:00 am

by M Zink and J Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor David Souza was “Rejoice.” Christmas Eve services were held.

Winter came to the Mt. Zion area making for a cold Christmas day; but no snow.

June Marshall had Christmas dinner with Bill and family in rural Clinton. Jane and family called from Florida. June attended the Retired Teachers meeting in El Dorado Springs, making blankets for nursing homes recently.

Margie Siegismund enjoyed her family for Christmas brunch Sunday morning.

Gregg Pelkey visited in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home.

Santa Clause enjoyed visiting the Rosbrugh grandchildren in the Harold and Betty Rosbrugh home.

All of Mabel Siegismund’s children celebrated Christmas dinner with her. Laura stayed for a longer visit, Mattie and Cicely were overnight guests.

Christmas dinner guests in the Stanley and Marge Zink home were Howard and Dixie Peterson of Lowry City; Clyde, Josephine and Brenda Peterson of Richmond; Stacy, Mike, Joela and Cassity Griffith of Blairstown; Tom and Beverly Pelkey of Rockville; Melissa and Cabel Hallman of Indianapolis, IN; and Stephanie Childress of Cropwell AL.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey, Sheri Suster and Margie Zink took lap quilts to residents of the nursing home that was made by the Mt. Zion Club. They enjoyed lunch at Pizza Hut while visiting other St. Clair County residents.

Howard and Dixie Peterson visited the Crawford Deer Camp enjoying an early Christmas.

Tri-County Quilt Club will meet Jan. 7 at 7 p.m. at Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. All interested in quilting are welcome.

John and Julia Snethen enjoyed Christmas dinner on Saturday with Ron and Shirley McEwan in their home in Appleton City. Other guests were Karen and Sissy Harvill of Gainesville, GA; Larry and Tasha Foster of Butler; Scott and Michelle Foster of Rich Hill; Barbara and Leslie Carpenter of Appleton City; Paul Blackwell of Appleton City; Joel Foster of Appleton City; Nancy and Doug Bradley of Grandview; Donna Censer and Jonathon of Grandview; Cheryl Wyrick of Kansas City and Leslie Leroy Carpenter of Eldon.

On Monday, John and Julia had Christmas Eve dinner in their home with Ron Thompson of Columbia; Michael, Kayla and Logan Snethen of Virginia and Shella Akers and Brandon of Kansas City, KS. Ron, Julia and John attended Christmas Eve services at Rockville United Methodist Church. Christmas Day John and Julia attended the Hood Family Christmas with all of Julia’s brothers and sisters; Robert and Janice Hood of Montrose,;Junior Hood and family of Huntingdale; Janet Young and family of Clinton; Jane Sanders and family of Clinton and Ron Thompson and Shella Akers. Julia did get to talk to Jim and Jeffrey Thompson and Jamie by phone on Christmas day.