Varsity Bulldogs lose but improve

Posted January 10, 2013 at 12:02 pm

by Coach Ryan Waters

The ElDo Boys Basketball team came up just short to a very good Skyline Tigers (9-3) team Friday night, Jan. 4. The final score ended up 80-60 but the final score doesn’t tell the tale of the game, or the improvement that our boys are showing.

The Skyline Tigers jumped out to a 25 to 6 first quarter lead. Turnovers and a bunch of missed shots around the basket contributed to very slow start for the Bulldogs. Once the Tigers built a 39 to 12 second quarter lead, the Bulldogs seemed to come to life. From that point forward, the Bulldogs not only matched the tigers scoring, but managed to outscore them 48-42 to finish out the game.

The damage had already been done, but instead of the boys deciding to throw in the towel when adversity hit, they kept their heads up and worked even harder to get back in the fight. The Tigers showed no mercy, playing the starters the whole game for fear of a late Bulldog comeback, and really who could blame them?

The Bulldogs managed to shoot 80% (12 for 15) from the charity stripe as a team, but the major difference in the game again this week, were the 26 costly turnovers to the Tigers mere 11. The Bulldogs shot (24 for 41) 59% as a team from the floor and (0 for 4) 0% from behind the 3 pt. line.

Heath Sutton lead the Bulldogs in scoring with 24 points, Sophmores Richard Lyness and Colten Hedrick both had 10, Freshman Jakob Studer had 6, Robert Keith and Josh Girven had 4 points and Kyle Robertson had 2 points.

The boys are in the Skyline tournament this week and drew Warsaw in the first round. They will play Wednesday night at Skyline, and if the boys win they will play on Saturday as well.