Julia gets ready for taxes

Posted January 24, 2013 at 12:00 am

by M Zink and J Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor David Souza was “Believe” from John 2: 1-11.

Mt. Zion Bible study was canceled due to icy roads but will reconvene Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the home of Tom and Beverly Pelkey.

Sympathy to the family of Kelly Shouse Pennington of Taberville area.

Tom Pelkey is home recovering from a stay from Monday to Thursday in St John’s Hospital in Springfield. I correct myself Mercy Hospital just like 49 Highway will always be 71 got to get used to progress.

Visitors in the Howard and Dixie Peterson home were Kent Crawford and Beth. Howard will be celebrating another birthday the 15th.

Mt. Zion area enjoyed Missouri weather; icy roads for a couple days then spring like weather.

Mt. Zion Club met in the Marge Zink home for an afternoon meeting, 12 members enjoyed the afternoon helping to piece a quilt. Beverly Pelkey and friends started genealogy of the Mt. Zion Club. February meeting will be hosted by Julia Snethen at the Fellowship Hall at the Rockville United Methodist Church. The club gave a money twig to Helen as she will be moving.

June Marshall has been busy repairing the water leak at her house and running around.

Sunday Howard Peterson celebrated his birthday with family and friends at the Marge and Stanley Zink home, he tells us he is 39.

Howard and Dixie Peterson had supper Saturday at the Crawford Deer Camp. Kent Crawford, Beth and friends were enjoying a weekend in the country.

The Rockville Methodist Church Quilters met for an all-day quilting. Soup was the main course for dinner, pie and cake for dessert. I suppose some people think we just meet to eat; but we finished one and put in another. We enjoyed our visitors from El Dorado Springs.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey went to Springfield to keep Tom’s doctor appointment, getting a good report.

Stacy Griffith and Dixie Peterson took Marge Zink to the cancer doctor at St Luke’s South in Overland Park, KS. Getting a good report.

Ronald Thompson and Carrie visited in the John and Julia Snethen home bring Brittany Thompson with them. We enjoyed John’s birthday and just visiting. Brittany went home on Sunday and Ron and Carrie left on Monday. John and Julia have been busy with the OATS bus with Julia getting ready for taxes.