Mother Nature washes cars

Posted January 31, 2013 at 9:31 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Tex McKinley saw and talked to Kenneth Taylor, Doug Wingate and Joe Wilson at Nevada this week. It had been so long since seeing Joe. Tex and Joe talked about pecans, of course.

Later in the day I talked to Joyce and Frankie Drummond at Wal-Mart. We talked about remembering when. Remembering when is always good in some shape or form.

Marilyn Entrikin didn’t go to church Sunday morning. Being afraid of slick areas and falling isn’t a pleasant thought.

Marilyn Entrikin took Mary Leer to lunch at the Chinese Chef on Thursday. Then they went shopping.

Karen had lunch with Marilyn Entrikin on Wednesday at Chinese Chef. They had lots of good things to choose from.

Our cats really liked the snow and ice. It made digging that hole easier in the snow than trying to dig that hard, frozen dirt.

In the week of Jan. 28, Scott Fox from Nevada came to see Tex McKinley Saturday afternoon He stayed a while. Been a long time since seeing him.

When talking with Joyce and Frankie Drummond. Frankie mentioned that my sister, Ramona, went all 12 years of school with Frankie. Three different schools – a one room school house at Horton and another one room school house at Humble. Then they went to the big school of Metz. Not many people have the opportunity to do that. A very special thing you never forget.

Sunday, Marilyn Entrikin went to church. A good crowd at FBC.

Marilyn had breakfast with a friend on Thursday at the Washington Square Donut Shop.

Marilyn played bingo at Crawford House on Friday. Had a snack of brownies and fruit. They sang happy birthday to Shirley H. Marilyn won a game.

If Mother Nature is listening she will know Marilyn is hoping for a good rain. Her car needs washing.