Speak up for men’s health

Posted February 14, 2013 at 10:07 am

Prostate cancer, which affects 2 million American men, is a topic that’s all too often ignored. Many doctors are urging men to pay better attention to their prostate health:

•Downloadfree information on prevention, risk factors and early detection that you can share with loved ones, co-workers and friends at www.pcf.org/guides.

•Beginning at age 40, talk to your doctor about your prostate health. Know your family history so you can provide crucial information to loved ones.

•If you’re diagnosed, don’t fight alone. Online community networks offer support and advice. Visit www.mybridge4life.org/PCF.

•Join the online conversation and talk about prostate cancer on Facebook and Twitter at www.facebook.com/PCF.org and www.twitter.com/PCFNews.

Never be ashamed to speak up for your health.