Cedar County thanks farmers

Posted February 14, 2013 at 10:15 am

by Kalena Bruce

Snowy conditions and cold weather did not discourage Cedar Countians from turning out and showing their support for agriculture. There was standing room only at the 3rd Annual Thank A Farmer and Outlook Meeting hosted by the Cedar County Farm Bureau. In keeping with tradition the group ranging from a 30 day-old infant to those pushing ninety paid tribute to Faith, Family and Farming.

The meeting began with prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and Madison Hall’s great rendition of our National Anthem. The crowd continued to be awed by Madison’s singing talent’s, including the yodeling of Cowboy Sweetheart, while enjoying a meal of smoked brisket, fried chicken, potato casserole, salad, corn, green beans, rolls and a smorgasbord of desserts. The meal was sponsored by Bruce and Lean Auction Company, Ewing Concrete of Stockton, and Integrity Tax and Accounting.

Senator Mike Parson acknowledged how organizations like Farm Bureau have helped unite farmers from livestock producers to row crop farmers to stand together against animal activists and government overreach. He discussed how we needed to continue to band together to insure that situations like the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) efforts to condemn the right of minors to work on their family farms is not allowed to come about. He concluded that the major outcry from Farm Bureau, individuals, FFA and others opposing DOL’s proposal that would restrict young people from working on farms, learning skills and developing a good work ethic is the type of effort that is needed to make sure government agencies don’t overstep their boundaries.

Representative Warren Love reported he had requested to be placed on the Ag Policy Committee and the Tourism Committee and was happy to announce he had been placed on both of them. He was pleased because he thought agriculture and tourism were two major interest areas for Cedar County. He encouraged everyone to come to Jefferson City to talk to their representatives or to stay in touch through phone calls. He wants to hear from the people and wants to make a difference.

Ed Trotter, regional director for Pfizer, gave an outlook program informing the crowd of Pfizer’s products and its commitment to the local community.

Peggy Kenney, Farm Bureau President reported on the upcoming organized Farmer’s Market that plans to debut on June 1st in El Dorado Springs for more information people were encouraged to contact Janean Ehlers at the Cedar County Health Department.

The plans for the first “Dine In the Field” event was announced. This event will be hosted by Farm Bureau and will take place out in the pasture. Tables will be set with linens and china and a five-course meal will be served. Each course will comprise of food that is produced in Cedar County. The event intends to show case Cedar County agriculture along a “red carpet” walk and help connect farmers and ranchers to the consumers.

Insurance Agent Maranda Taylor thanked the crowd for its continued support and passed out Farm Bureau hats.

The meeting concluded with several jokes and stories being told by the speakers including one about a hen needing a second rooster when the first rooster was never home and one where a three old brother told his five year old sister she was pretty as a “combine”. Door prizes from the following businesses were handed out: Bruce Agronomics, Farm Bureau Agent, Maranda Taylor, Fugate Ford Motors, Kenney Family Farms, Kicker Feed, Mid Missouri Bank, United Producers, Sac Osage Electric Co-op, Inc, Sac Osage Home Health Care, Inc, Scott’s Farm Supply, Sonic and Stockton MFA.