EHS speech and debate update

Posted February 21, 2013 at 2:35 pm

by Nicole Smith

EHS Speech and Theatre

The El Dorado Springs Speech and Debate Team has been staying active. Since the last update, they have competed at Marion C. Early, Parkview and Joplin. They have also hosted a tournament at home.

Eleven schools attended the El Dorado Springs tournament on Feb. 1-2. The team hosted these schools but did not compete, which is customary in speech and debate tournaments. Over 120 judges volunteered their time for the students and the team expressed their excitement over how many community members supported them.

The tournament is held with two goals in mind—one is to make money for State or National competition and the other is to get the community involved and informed about what Speech and Debate is. The students want to express their thanks to everybody that donated their time and want the judges to know that they are glad they support them.

The first place sweepstakes trophy this year went to Monett. Second and third place were Bolivar and Buffalo, respectively.

At the Marion C. Early meet, 23 students competed. Special thanks go to Mrs. Debbie Marsh and Mrs. Debbie Vickers for organizing a lunch for the students while they were competing.

The highlights of this tournament include 11 entries qualifying for semifinals and another three advancing to finals. In finals were Allison Piatt, Sheyenne Shepard and Kylie Goodwin. Piatt’s Original Oratory finished 6th of 21 with ranks of 2, 3, 3 and 6. Shepard’s radio also finished 6th. Her ranks of 1, 1, 1, 6 pushed her to the top of the 48 competitors quickly. Goodwin’s storytelling finished 6th of 41 with ranks of 2, 4, 3, 6. In semifinals were Tommie Hardy and Kylie Goodwin (Duet-4, 1, 5), Sophia Marsh (Humorous Interpretation-3, 1, 4), Michaela Leedy (Dramatic Interpretation-2, 1, 5), Sophia Marsh (Storytelling-2, 2, 4), Michaela Leedy (Storytelling-2, 2, 4), Kylie Goodwin (Poetry-2, 2, 7), Sophia Marsh (Prose-2, 1, 7), and Allison Piatt (US Extemp-5, 1, 4).

The Parkview tournament was held on Jan. 25-26. This was officially an off-weekend for the team, but two students attended with Mrs. Debbie Marsh. Sophia Marsh received a 1 rank both first and second round in her Humorous Interpretation. This advanced her to semifinals where she received 5th. Overall she finished 9th out of 72. Piatt competed in Original Oratory and US Extemp. Both girls competed in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. In the Champ division, Piatt went 2-2 and tied for 12th of 80. In the Regular division, Marsh went 3-1 and finished in 9th of 92.

The team came back together to compete at Joplin on Feb. 8-9, where 17 El Dorado Springs students competed. The notable achievements for this tournament include Michaela Leedy advancing to semifinals in Storytelling. She received ranks of 1, 1, 4, which put her 7th of 46. Cameron Collins also advanced to semifinals in Humorous Interpretation. The team was very excited about this because they had seen Cameron working hard all season and extra hard during the week to prepare himself for the tournament. He had ranks of 2, 3, 6 which put him in 10th of 63. Finally, Allison Piatt finished in semifinals with a 4, 1, 7 which put her 12th of 48.

Coming up, the team will compete in one-act competition and at Lamar, Neosho and Districts.