Love Cemetery Financial report

Posted March 21, 2013 at 9:29 am

Funds on account as of 12-31-12:

Checking – $1,410.43

CD’s – $30,910

Expenses paid as of 12-31-12:

Mowing, taxes, bank box – $1,668.13

Donations were received from:

In memory of Elmer and Treva Crane – Karen Scribner

The estates of: Nora Allen, Bessie Mays, Jewell Budd and Oma Marquis

Deral and Nelva Mays, Pat Moomaw, Virginia Bland, Verda Mitchell, Oliver Kenney, Cookie Greenstreet, Betty Wheeler, The Gingerish family, Lillian Pace, Clara Whiteside, Louise Breshears, Lucille Tschanz, Donald and Vada Bryant, Lenna Faye Welch, Dorothy Witt, Delores Evans, J.C. and Janet Marshall, Darrel and Daisy Reeder, Yvonne Shearrer, Ruby Fields, Charles E. Smith, Marvin Messick, Patti Gibbs, Jan, Kent and Doris Fortney, Gayland and Tamara Guinn, Lural and Nancy Mays.

Thank you for your support in keeping our cemetery beautiful. Thank you to Doug and Darl Mays for the hours they spend mowing and trimming.

Directors: Deral Mays, Jack McCullick, Maurice Bland, Randy Bland; Secretary Annabel Yockey.

Donations may be sent to: Annabel Yockey, 721 S. 1125 Rd., El Dorado Springs, MO, 64744.