Floyd addresses hospital’s image

Posted April 18, 2013 at 9:16 am

Bob and Debbie Floyd and Josh and Polly Floyd attended the hospital’s monthly Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, April 15, to address issues pertaining to the hospital’s image in the community.

All board members were present: Cheri Allison, Johnny Walker, Jan Neal, David Studer and Judy Renn presiding. CNO Dixie Flynn, CFO Carla Gilbert, Board Secretary Terri Heitz, CEO Janna Witt and attorney Bryan Breckenridge were also present.

Floyd said he was really concerned about the community. He said he was concerned about the hospital and its terrible image in the community – a “take me there if I’m dying” attitude. “That’s sad,” he said, “because we have a good facility.”

He mentioned the fact that when the hospital discontinued OB that the community lost some doctors.

Witt said that they were all concerned about the doctor situation and that the hospital’s in-house recruitment hadn’t worked. She said she had written a grant that would pay for an outside firm to recruit for the hospital.

“It’s finding that special person that wants to work in a rural community,” she said.

Allison mentioned the auditors recommended that the hospital needed to discontinue OB because they were only delivering 60 babies a year.

Floyd returned to matters of image saying that philosophically image is 99% of the battle.

He asked about lab work. Janna said that the hospital used to do more of the lab work from the Mercy Clinic, but Mercy does their own now, sending it to Springfield. She said it had something to do with their physicians’ compensation.

Floyd asked about certified workers as opposed to trained workers in some of the hospital’s department. Witt said that currently trained workers can do the testing, but certified workers make more money.

Floyd once again said that something needed to be done to change the hospital’s image.

The Floyd family reserved more discussion with the board for executive session.

Gilbert said that the hospital had a good financial month and revenues were up $221,000. She also said that the board needed to start looking at a new financial system.

The board voted to raise the cost of aquatic classes by 50 cents to $3.50.

The board approved 11 revised policies and two new policies.

Flynn said that there were several job openings at the hospital and they were posted on the internet.

Witt said that they had received $1,600 from Cargill for a grill and a canopy for the Farmer’s Market.

She mentioned that the Hospital Auxiliary’s Salad Auction is Friday, April 26, and National Hospital Week is May 12 – 18.