El Dorado Springs Bulldog power lifting team 4th in nation

Posted April 18, 2013 at 11:59 am


The El Dorado Springs High School Power Lifting Team consisting of Tanner Hixson, James Dubois, Austin Jones, Colten Hedrick, Blake Cluck, Jacob Holder, Karlee Collins, Emily Ford and Landen Leonard, competed at the NASA High School Power Lifting Championships on April 6-7 in Oklahoma City. The team, coached by Kevin Hixson, placed an impressive fourth overall.

This is the second year for the team to compete in this national competition, however, it is the first time EHS brought enough members to actually be able to compete as a team as well as individuals. The Bulldog boys team consisted of four freshmen-sophomores and three junior-seniors. Every Bulldog lifter placed in the contest. The top five in each weight class were given an award.

Two of El Dorado’s lifters set national records for their age and weight class. Junior James Dubois, competing in the 165 pound class, cleaned 259.

James said, “I felt good about setting the national record, but I wish I’d have done even better.”

Sophomore Colten Hedrick power cleaned 259 in the 225 pound class.

“It was awesome to come from a small school and be able to compete well at a huge competition,” Colten said.

The strong EHS team boasted two national champions, freshman Landon Leonard and sophomore Emily Ford. Leonard won the 308 weight class, and Emily Ford won her second in title in her weight class.

Landen commented, “Winning felt great!” Emily added, “I worked really hard to gain both knowledge and strength. It felt good to be champion.”

The other Bulldogs to receive awards included Senior Austin Jones and Sophomore Colten Hedrick who placed second; Junior James Dubois and Freshman Blake Cluck who finished third; and Senior Tanner Hixson and Jacob Holder who finished fourth place.

Austin Jones said, “I was pleased overall with the way I lifted. I did the best I could, and I set personal records in both deadlilft and squat.”

Coach Hixson said, “I am very proud of all of our lifters for all of their hard work in the weight room and their great effort in the NASA High School Power Lifting Championship.”

Bulldog Power Lifting squad competes 4 cc.tif

BULLDOG POWER LIFTING SQUAD – (front row) Jacob Holder, Austin Jones, Tanner Hixson, James Dubois, Karlee Collins, (back row) Blake Cluck, Colten Hedrick, Landon Leonard and Emily Ford. Photo by Sophia Marsh, Canine Courier reporter