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Posted April 25, 2013 at 2:29 pm

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Warren D. Love, State Representative

Representing the good people of the 125th District

This past Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Region 6 Missouri Retired Teacher’s Regional meeting in Osceola. I shared with them what bills had been brought up in the House Chamber. Saturday Marla and I attended two fundraisers, one in Osceola and the other in El Dorado Springs. These were to raise money for expenses incurred with medical costs. Both events were well attended and show the strong support provided by friends, family church and communities.

Monday began at the Boring Drug coffee caucus in Warsaw, then at noon I had a radio interview with KAYQ radio. The main topic of discussion was about the Department of Revenue sending concealed carry permit names to the Federal government.

I would like to share about Capitol Commission. Each Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. for about 45 minutes, legislators gather in House Hearing Room 5 for a Bible study. This study is led by Paul Meinsen, who is in the Capitol daily serving as a pastor to the legislators and staff.

The Director of the Department of Revenue resigned this week after serving in this job only a few months. The situation surrounding the department continues to become more complex as new information comes to light. Despite repeated denials from department officials that sensitive information regarding holders of Conceal and Carry permits was not released to the federal government, there has been a U.S. government employee identified who was given the information on a computer disc. The disc containing the data was apparently given to the employee by the Missouri Highway Patrol. There have been conflicting reports from the employee’s superiors as to whether or not the information was viewed by anyone.

Protection of private information as it relates to Missouri’s citizens is a serious matter. Several years ago the Legislature passed a law specifically requiring Missouri officials to put a higher priority on protecting privacy than complying with requests for information from the federal government. There is a question of whether this law has been broken.

Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights

This week the House perfected and printed HB 436; the Second Amendment Preservation Act. This act sends a message to our federal government that Missourians’ right to bear arms will not be infringed. It would also makes the following changes:

•Regarding Open Carry laws: In any jurisdiction that prohibits open carry, that prohibition is lifted if the person carrying has a valid concealed carry permit and that permit can be produced upon the request of any law enforcement officer.

•Regarding School Safety: Any school district may designate one or more teachers or administrators as a School Protection Officer. In that voluntary position, the designee(s) may carry a concealed firearm but must meet the following stipulations: 1) they must already possess a valid concealed carry permit, 2) must complete approved training developed by the Missouri Department of Public Safety, 3) the firearm must be concealed on their person, 4) the school district must make the Department of Public Safety aware in writing of the identities of individuals designated as School Protection Officers. In the event that a School Protection Officer fails to keep their weapon concealed on their person, they will be removed from the classroom immediately and face grounds for termination.

•Firearm Ownership Information: The fact that you own a firearm or have a permit to carry a concealed firearm is not public knowledge. In the even that a person or entity publishes that information, they are guilty of a misdemeanor.

•Concealed Carry Age: The minimum age to obtain a concealed carry permit will be lowered to 19 years old.

•Military & Law Enforcement Officials are exempt from the provisions of this bill during the fulfillment of their lawful duties or while traveling to or from their places of employment or assignment.

HB 698 had to do with more tax credits than “Carter’s Got Pills.” There were so many amendments added, it ended up being the worst sausage making I’ve seen so far, so I voted No.

I squeezed in two Senate Committee hearings. One was my HB 542, “Egg Bill” and the other was HB 409 which would allow several Missouri counties to opt out of paying prevailing wage on public work projects.

Discover Nature at Youth Bow Fishing Clinic in Warsaw

The Missouri Department of Conservation invites youth to discover nature with a youth bow fishing clinic on May 4 at Harry S. Truman State Park in Warsaw. This program is open to youth ages 10 to 17 with a parent or adult mentor. The clinic will consist of classroom lessons followed by a field trip. Participants will learn the basics of bow fishing safety, equipment, fish identification, regulations and much more. The clinic is free and lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required by April 30 and is limited to 25 participants. To register, or for more information, contact MDC Outdoor Skills Specialist Brian Flowers at or 573-815-7901, ext. 3388.

I had the opportunity to visit with a group of Missouri Cattlemen from St. Clair, Bates, Polk and Benton counties.

“Looking Onward”