Iris Belles ‘In the purple’

Posted May 2, 2013 at 10:02 am

The Iris Belles Federated Garden Club met April 19, at the First Baptist Church of El Dorado Springs. President Judy Friar called the meeting to order and read a poem entitled “Little Things.” Our roll call, What is my favorite tulip, was answered by 11 members.

For Arbor Day we planted a redbud tree at the Youth Center and for our garden therapy we met at Head Start and had the children plant seeds in cups. They were very excited and enjoyed the project.

We will plant flowers at the Wayside Museum and the Senior Center again this year.

For school in session, our Latin word was Purpureus meaning purple and an example is the purple cone flower.

Our program, Is it spring yet, was about the cultivation and types of tulips given by Melody Wilson. We found that tulips can be planted in pots as well as the ground and in deep flower boxes to keep the voles from eating the bulbs. Yes voles, not moles.

Our next meeting will be May 17, at the First Baptist Church and anyone is invited to attend. For more information, please contact Judy Friar at 876-3697.