Ponds that were dry are full again

Posted May 9, 2013 at 10:18 am

By Dora Jean McKinley

There has been a lot of rain lately. The river has been out of its banks a few times. Our bog pond is finally getting water in it. Our two small ponds have been filled for a while. It looks so good. Just a few weeks ago Tex was driving his John Deere in the bottom of a dry pond.

Saturday evening Marilyn Entirkin went to Brady and Tiffany Entrikin’s wedding. They had a very nice reception at the 3M Clubhouse. Kenny and Debbie Entrikin didn’t get to come. They had just entered Kenny’s moth-in-law, Helen Jackson, into the hospital. She was quite ill.

Brittany and Scott’s son, Brayden, informed Grams Marilyn Entrikin that he is going to have a new brother soon.

Tex McKinley talked to Doug Wingate. He told Tex he was back in the Butler hospital again. Get home soon Doug.