TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Posted May 9, 2013 at 10:20 am

TOPS 0319 met in the El Dorado Springs Church Of Christ meeting room on Thursday May 2. Twenty-six members weighed in and we welcomed one visitor, Lisa.

Co-Leader Becky called the meeting to order and Carol led us in singing “At My Weight.”

Several had good losses this week: Judy B lost 2.6 lbs. Verna lost 2 lbs. Jessica lost 3.2. Linda (III) lost 3.6. Becky D lost 1.6. Tom was our best loser with a loss of 16 lbs. in a four-week period. This made him the best loser of the week and the club had a net loss of 18.8 lbs. for the week.

Juda gave the contest report. The new contest starts with this week’s weigh in. She reported over half of those joining the contest lost this past week so they earned an extra five points to start the contest.

Linda presented the awards for the month of April.

She reported we had a net loss of 6.4 lbs. for the month. Way to go.

Those with perfect attendance were: Marie, Irene, Dorothy, Warren, Nikki, Kay and Linda (III). Becky drew for winner of free dues and Linda (III) is the winner for the month.

We had 12 members who accomplished our Back in Black challenge this month: Marie, Lois, Judy B, Warren Robbie, Sue Juda, Judy K, Kay, Nikki Tammy and Linda (3). Jessica had a Back in black month, an all black month, reached her lowest weight ever, got near her 15# loss, got into a new decade and lost 7.8#. This makes her our best loser again and earns her $2.33.


Marie, Warren and Nikki each earned their Back in Black with Perfect Attendance cert.

KOPS in leeway and below goal: Bob, Jan T, Marilyn, Marguerite Jean and Annie. KOPS in leeway: Paul, Doris III and Carol.

Carol presented 10 mind tricks to help us eat less.

1. Size matters: Use a smaller plate but a larger fork to help control portions.

2. Color pops: It helps if there is a bigger difference between the color of your food and the color of your plate.

3. Place settings: Some eat less if the tablecloth and table settings match.

4. 100% perfect: The 100-calorie bags of snacks really work.

5. Turn off the TV. Notice what you are eating and enjoy it.

6. Out of sight, out of mind: If you must have snacks in the house, do not keep them in plain sight.

7. Queue the ambiance: Dim the lights and play soft music at dinner time

8. Keep your mouth busy: Chew gum as you cook so you will not eat as you cook.

9. Use your illusion. Imagine eating a treat before you eat it.

10. Piece of mind: Cut your food into smaller pieces.

There was then time for discussion on tips other members find helpful.

If you do not want to buy the 100-calorie snacks make your own.

Frozen grapes make a wonderful snack

Freeze the little candy bars and then if you must have a chocolate fix it takes a long time to eat a frozen one.

Portion control—just a little bit of something goes a long ways

Move during commercials on TV

Allow yourself only one sweet a day

Try not to eat out as often. If you must, cut order in half and put in to go box before you start eating.

Try drinking herbal green tea

Move, move, move.

Water, water, water.