FFA awards banquet

Posted June 6, 2013 at 10:49 am

Iris Dunn Memorial Scholarship 2 cc.tif

IRIS DUNN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – went to Derrick Taylor and Jaynee Beaty, presented by Jennifer Rameriez.

Blue and Gold award - Brendan Smith 2 cc.tif

BLUE AND GOLD AWARD – from VoAg Instructor Courtney Poirot went to Brendan Smith.

Entomoloty team 2 cc.tif

ENTOMOLOTY TEAM – Tyler Janes, Shelby Barger and Jake Hillsman. The Entomoloty team placed 8th at state and received a Group 1 rating, a great accomplishment.

FFA Floricultural team 2 cc.tif

FFA FLORICULTURAL TEAM – Madi Mays and Andrea Nikodim.

FFA LIvestock team 2 cc.tif

LIVESTOCK TEAM – Mckensi Marshall, Morgan Sumner, Kale Adams and Colby Charles.

Paula Newman present scholarship to Ginelle Esry 2 cc.tif

CIRCLE S FEED SCHOLARSHIP – Paula Newman presented the Circle S Feed Scholarship to Ginelle Esry.

New officers installed 2 cc.tif

NEW FFA OFFICERS INSTALLED – Outgoing El Dorado Springs FFA chapter president Danille Hillsman installs the new president Claire Silvers at the close of the 2013 banquet. The slate of other officers installed were: Vice President – Sandra May, 2nd Vice President – Bonnie Smith, Secretary: Kale Adams, Treasurer – Makenzie Schwalm, Reporter – Landon Leonard, Historian – Shelby Barger and Sentinel – Colby Charles.

Farm Management team 2 cc.tif

FARM MANAGEMENT TEAM – Rayleine Metcalf, Amber Larson, Dennis Floyd and Mackenzie Schwalm.

FFA Meats team 2 cc.tif

FFA MEATS TEAM – Wyatt Greenstreet, Dustin Hall, Courtney Hooper and Gage Miller. The Meats team placed third a state, a major accomplishment.

Ag Mechanics team 2 cc.tif

AG MECH TEAM – Chandler Allison and Josey Smoterman.

FFA Top Shop award 2 cc.tif

TOP SHOP AWARD – went to Wyatt Lane Greenstreet present by VoAg Instructor Courtney Poirot.

Floyd Hines scholarship 2 cc.tif

FLOYD HINES SCHOLARSHIP – Mildred Hines presents the Floyd Hines Scholarship to Jaynee Beaty.

Paula Newman presents scholarship to Jaynee Beaty 2 cc.tif

CIRCLE S FEED SCHOLARSHIP – Paula Newman presented the Circle S Feed Scholarship to Jaynee Beaty..

Blue and Gold - Sandra May 2 cc.tif

BLUE AND GOLD AWARD – from VoAg Instructor Brett Neil went to Sandra May.

Ag Sales team 2 cc.tif

AG SALES TEAM – Jaynee Beaty, Sandra May and Rylie Bradley.

Leadership award winners 6 cc.tif

LEADERSHIP AWARD WINNERS – were Kale Adams, Ginelle Esry, Dennis Floyd, Gage Miller, Sandra Miller, Sandra May, Colt Schieffer, Colby Charles, Rylie Bradley, Morgan Summer, Jaynee Beaty, Shelby Barger, Jake Hillsman, Wyatt Greenstreet, Courtney Hooper and Claire Silvers.

Parliamentary Procedure team 3 cc.tif

PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TEAM – Michaela Collins, Taylor Floyd, Ginelle Esry, Kaylyn Whitsell, Claire Silvers and Danielle Hillsman.

FFA Scholarship winners 3 cc.tif

FFA SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS – were (from left) Taylor Floyd, Michaela Collins, Derrick Taylor, Courtney Hooper,Danielle Hillsman and Ginelle Esry.

ElDo FFA proficiency winners 3 cc.tif

PROFICIENCY AWARDS – Receiving proficiency awards were Danielle Hillsman-Equine Science Entrepreneurship, Courtney Hooper-Agriculture Processing Placement 2nd place at State, Makenzie Schwalm-Veterinary Science Placement, Sandra May-Vegetable Production Placement, Wyatt Greenstreet-Agriculture Services Entrepreneurship and Ginelle Esry-Agriculture Communications Placement.

State FFA Degree receipients 3 cc.tif

STATE FFA DEGREE RECIPIENTS – Six El Dorado Springs FFA members received their State FFA Degree at the annual convention. Picturd are (from left) Kolten Hutchison, Michaela Collins, Taylor Floyd and Danielle Hillsman. Not pictured are Skyler Dozler and Jeremy Bledsoe who graduate at mid-year and did not attend the annual banquet.

Scholarship winners 3 cc.tif

SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS – were Madi Mays, Dennis Floyd, Josey Smotherman, Courtney Hooper, Kylle Smith,Courtney Miller, Kanen Hutchison and Kale Adams.