Cats, crappie biting

Posted June 13, 2013 at 10:01 am

Taberville Report

By Linda McCallister

Dains Fish Farm

They have been doing good on blue cats on crawdads using rod and reel. We saw a 28 pounder, several like 10 and 18.

The river is up in the parking lot, but they are still launching boats.

The crappie have slowed down. We have some people fishing for them They caught several nice size crappie in the south lake at Schell – Osage about a week or two ago.

ElDo Report

By Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting and Tackle

Fishing is pretty good for catfish and crappie.

They are catching cats in the backwater up on the Osage. Some people are setting lines around Schell-Osage. They pretty much bait with anything they can find.

A lady who came in while ago said they caught some on goldfish. Some caught them on perch and shad.

My brother and some guys went down to my uncle’s at Warsaw crappie fishing. I guess they slaughtered them.

They have been catching some walleye and stuff down at Caplinger. One guy catches walleye all the time down there. He baits with Long Johns – a kind of plastic minnow.

Caplinger Report

by Ron Masters

Riverside Bait & Canoe

They are catching a few out here – catfish and a few crappie. A walleye hits now and then, but not a bunch.

The water is up five feet.

They catch the catfish in the middle of Sac River below the bridge all day but best in late afternoon. The biggest I have seen is a 17 lb. flathead and a 20 something white cat. Baits are perch and shad. There are shad up here at the dam.

Crappie are hitting at the side intermittent all day. Some are dinky, but if you fish long enoghh, you’ll catch some good ones. The water is in real good shape.

They are running water through the gates 24 hours per day.

When they get the generator installed, I have a deal where they will text me the minute they open the gates or start generating.

Q. Anybody get interested in saving the dam? No.