The Rock Wall

Posted July 11, 2013 at 10:03 am

Picnic comin.’ By this time next week, we should see Carnival rides under construction on Broadway and in various parking lots.

In the past, the rides have started arriving on Sunday, but they don’t look like the Picnic until the carney workers start pulling them off the trailers.

Adrian and Davis are scheduled to arrive on Friday. At least that’s the plan. I think they will have to go back Monday. A short visit but worth the drive.

– I asked around the office to see if anyone had any deep, dark secrets they didn’t want anyone to know that I could talk about here. No volunteers.

I did get Wanda to tell us about the time she and her sister, Edna, skipped school and drove all over the country all day long – to Vista, to Pomme de Terre and to Osceola. As they were going down the highway, they met their father, Chesley. Wanda ducked down and so did Edna who was driving prompting Wanda to yell for her not to do that. Chesley didn’t see them.

I told Wanda that I skipped school only once. I think it was H.D. Bausch and I who decided not to attend an assembly we thought would be boring, so we sneaked down to the little stream east of the football field. When it was time for school to let out, we managed to get back to the buses without getting caught.

– Wednesday, when I delivered newspapers to Cedar County Memorial Hospital, I went to the west counter as I always do. A gentleman who was standing at the south counter commented when I whipped out my folding knife to cut the strings, “That is a wicked looking instrument.”

I said, “Yes, now that I am back on my medication, they have started letting me carry sharp objects again.”

He sounded concerned when he said, “Are you serious?” Then added, “Or are you kidding?”

I said, “Would I joke about something like that in a hospital?”

As I left, I told him and the lady at the front desk to have a good day unless they had made other plans.

He told me, “You’ve got to stop fibbing.”