Local racers do well at Lucas Oil Speedway

Posted August 8, 2013 at 11:06 am

In the Aug. 3 races at Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, several local racers brought home good results one bringing home the top prize in a heat race.

In the Poly Lifts Boat Lifts A feature, Gary Clark, Walker, took 22nd place after finishing 3rd in Heat 2. In the Poly Lifts Boat Lifts B-Modifieds A Feature, Gary Clark took 3rd after placing 1st in Heat 5.

Back on dry land, Larry Jones, El Dorado Springs, took 9th in the A feature of Late Models after placing 7th in Heat 3.

Lucas Dobbs, El Dorado Springs, took 9th in the A-modifieds A feature, with Craig Wood, El Dorado Springs, hot on his heels in 10th and Chase Jones El Dorado Springs, chasing them in 14th place. Wood had finished 4th in Heat 1. Dobbs and Jones had placed 5th and 6th respectively in Heat 3.

In Late Models, Larry Jones, El Dorado Springs took 11th in the A feature after placing 5th in Heat 2.

In the A-Modifieds A feature, Chase Jones took 14th after placing 3rd in Heat 5.

In the B feature of that race, Craig Wood took 8th with Lucas Dobbs one spot back in 9th. Dobbs placed 5th in Heat 5 with Woods in 7th place.