The Rock Wall

Posted August 29, 2013 at 10:42 am

We were sorry to hear about the death of Randy Lusk.

Our first heads-up was a phone call Tuesday morning asking if we knew anything. We didn’t. Neither funeral home had any facts, only inquiries from citizens. With a sense of urgency since it was deadline day, I spoke on the phone with several people who had heard rumors, but no one knew anything for sure. Finally, someone told us they had heard it was in Lawrence, KS.

On the internet, I looked up the newspaper there and called. The police reporter told me there had been a fatal motorcycle crash at 10 p.m. Monday evening, but the sheriff’s department had not given him a name yet. When they did, he called and told me the bad news.

It was not a good result, but I had a sense of relief that I could answer your questions and help the family get information to their friends in time for the funeral. It’s a necessary service, but not a pleasant one to provide. We know practically everyone in the Lusk family and I wasn’t about to call one of them in their time of grief.

Donna Hicks said the family will make funeral arrangements at Bland-Hackleman on Wednesday afternoon. She will let me know as soon as possible and we will put the information on our web page in the What’s Happening section at

– 90s Club – Margaret (Driskell) Carter made a suggestion we like – start a 90s club. List members of our community who are at least 90 years young.

This idea is in the infancy stage so please be patient and please make suggestions. Right now, to get started, please send me your name and phone number, the name and other information about your 90s club member – birthdate, brief history, number and names of children, grandchildren, greats, great-greats, etc. Community in which they reside. They don’t have to be a subscriber, but we’d like for there to be some tie to this community, so please tell us about that. Give us a photo if you have one. Please tell us how to contact the nominee if you think he or she would not be alarmed by a call from the Sun Newspaper.

If we get a lot of nominees, we won’t be able to publish all the photos and biographies at once, but we can get them on the list and publish the stories as we have room and time to write them. As you have suggestions about how to improve on the 90s club, tell me, please.

Thanks for the idea, Margaret.

– I had saved some other items to share with you this week, but once again, nothing is funny. We might get to them next week.