Coach Welch vows to do better against Knob

Posted September 5, 2013 at 12:00 pm

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Commenting on the 14-8 Bulldog loss Friday night to the Stockton Tigers in the Cedar Bowl, Bulldog Head Coach Harv Welch termed it, “A very frustrating and very disappointing performance by the Bulldogs. I pulled two cardinal coaching no-nos. No. 1 – I under-estimated Stockton and No. 2 – I over- estimated us. A coach should do neither one of those and I happened to do both of them at the same time.”

He said, “It’s my fault that we lost the game. I don’t feel like our kids were prepared properly and we will all do better this next week when we go against Knob Noster.”

“Defensively, I thought we played well enough to win. Offensively, we kept shooting our toes off with mental mistakes, penalties, turnovers and busted assignments. We had enough of those to last a lifetime.”

“I’ve very positive that we will play better this week. I’m not saying the outcome will be different, although I like our chances. I saw Knob Noster on film and they are very gettable. So, if we can pull ourselves together and go up there and play a good ballgame, I think we have a good opportunity to get one back.”

Coach Welch said, “What makes the Stockton game so disappointing, it was one of those that we should ‘get.’ So, now we have to go out and win one that we probably shouldn’t win just to get back in the hunt. When you are trying to get in the hunt after the first ballgame, you’ve got a long season. You don’t want to get in the hunt until about game 8 or 9.”

The veteran coach said, “We knew we were young. None of our quarterbacks had ever taken a varsity snap. Our center had never taken a varsity snap. We knew there would be growing pains.”

He said, “We have people who are still fighting for positions. We have two or three positions that aren’t locked up. We will probably make a change or two this week and hopefully get some kids where they belong.” He said that Robert Keith is now the starting quarterback. Brent Jones, the other quarterback who started the game, hurt his ankle and was out the rest of the game. It has not been determined yet when he will return. He was out all last season with an injury suffered in the Red/Black Scrimmage.

Looking to the next games, Coach Welch said, “We want to stop coaching them so much so they can play free – mentally free and physically free. Sometimes I think we have thrown so much at them, trying to get everything to them in such a short period, it has hurt their performance. And that’s my fault. We want to take the timidity out of it so there is no hesitation.”

The coach said, “I’ve told them, ‘If you are wrong, hit them hard enough that it’s right.’ If you going to rob a bank, rob a big bank. Go get ‘em. If you make a mistake, don’t worry about it. Next play, come back and get it right. If you do make a mistake, hit them as hard as you can and make somebody pay the price.”

Summing up his assessment of the game, the coach said, “I thought the effort was there. We did not play well enough to win and we didn’t deserve to win. But we sure would like another shot at them. I would love to draw them in Week 10 or 11 or 12. Love to.”

The bleachers we packed close to capacity on a beautiful, if a little hot, evening Friday. Coach Welch said, “I appreciate the fan support. I thought we had a nice crowd. I’d like to see a bunch of them go up to Knob Noster this Friday.”

Game stats:

Number of plays – 76 – ElDo, 75 – Stockton. Total offense – 202 – ElDo, 309 – Stockton. Rushing: 37 – 112 yards – ElDo, 36 – 236 yds. – Stockton. Passing: 7/18 for both. Passing yards: 90 – ElDo, 73 – Stockton. Passing TDs/interceptions: 0/2 – ElDo, 1/1 – Stockton. Fumbles/lost: ElDo – 2-1, Stockotn 1-1. Turnovers: 3 – ElDo, 2 – Stockton. 1st downs rushing: 7 for both. 1st downs passing: 4 for both. 3rd down conversions: 3/13 for both. 4th down conversions: 1⁄4 for both, but 4th down conversion late in the game put Stockton in position to win the game. Penalty/yards: 10/65 ElDo, 7/45 Stockton.

Scoring: Stockton scored in the 1st quarter on a 13-yard pass play. PAT was no good. Score 6-0 Stockon until 3rd quarter when Lance Molz scored on a 3-yard run. Two-point conversion was good. Score 8-6 ElDo. Late in 4th quarter, Stockton scored a TF on a 1-yard run. Two-point conversion was good. Score 14-8 Stockton.

Robert Keith was 7/18 passing for 90 yards. Lance Molz rushed 16 times for 41 yard and one TD. Cody Clark caught three passes for 48 yards. Landon Smith caught four passes for 42 yards.

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Coach Welch vows to do better against Knob

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GOOD SIGNAL – The Bulldogs just didn’t see this signal enough Friday night on their possessions and one too often when Stockton had the ball.

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GOOD SPORT – EHS Principal Dave Hedrick, who is also a Bulldog defensive coach, carried the coveted piece of wood sculpted 12 years ago by now Superintendent Mark Koca, the Cedar Bowl, to the visitors’ side of the field to hand it to the Stockton coach following their 14-8 victory Friday night.

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PAYDIRT – After trailing the Stockton Tigers 6-0 since the first quarter, the El Dorado Springs Bulldogs finally tied the game in the third quarter when Lance Molz dived cross the goal line on a three yard run. The two point conversion was good putting the Bulldogs ahead for the first time 8-6.

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HEAD ON COLLISIONS – were the order of the night in the Friday, Aug. 30, Cedar Bowl football game in El Dorado Springs between the Bulldogs and the Stockton Tigers.

QUARTERBACK – Robert Keith, No. 28, became the designated Bulldog quarterback Friday night after Brent Jones went down.

TD CALLED BACK – Oh, how it hurt in such a close game to have this Bulldog TD called back for illegal procedure which translates to some Bulldog player moved before the snap. That would likely have iced the game for the Bulldogs.s