Foam Fabricators recognizes employees

Posted October 24, 2013 at 2:26 pm

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Foam Fabricators, Inc. is pleased to recognize Jan Taylor as she celebrates her 30-year anniversary with Foam Fabricators. Jan serves as Office Manager, and we rely on her to be the heartbeat of our facility. Like several on our team, Jan wears many hats. While she is the welcoming voice who greets callers and handles our customers with excellent customer service skills, she also distributes customer orders and information to our production team and manages shipping, billing and inventory. Additionally, she serves as our Training Coordinator, handles insurance, processes new employees, and much, much more. We truly appreciate Jan’s loyalty, dedication and excellent work.

Foam Fabricators, Inc. is pleased to recognize Sam Baderdeen as he celebrates his 20-year anniversary with Foam Fabricators. Sam began his career with Foam Fabricators as a Press Operator, and soon moved into the Maintenance Department as Mold Technician. From there he was promoted Maintenance Supervisor where he has served for many years. As Maintenance Supervisor, Sam oversees the Maintenance Department, ensuring our tooling and equipment are in top condition and ready to run at peak performance. He also personally manages our water treatment program, which is a critical element of our recirculating water system and boiler water supply systems. Sam prides himself in his work and his excellent work ethic and we are very grateful to have him on our team.

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Sam Baderdeen

Jan Taylor