Meet the Knights evening went well

Posted November 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm

by Neoma Foreman

Bob and Jane Hutchison celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Saturday afternoon at the Walker Community Building with about 60 family members and friends present.

Chuck and Linda Gundy visited Norma Gundy at El Dorado Springs Sunday and took her a birthday present.

Sympathy goes to the family of Donna Bearnes Ellis. She was a 1973 graduate of Walker High School.

Wendy and Brandon Conley, Pleasanton, KS, hosted a birthday party for their son, Garrett, who turned six-years-old, and the family Thanksgiving Sunday at their home Sunday. Guests were Candie Hess, Chance Hess, Tina Wiebethaus, Chet and Marla Foreman, Regan Kannady, Faith Gilbert, Dave and Betsy Foreman, Brooklyn and Carter, Kathryn Phillips, Christine Graham, Katie Budd and Brice,Chuck Foreman, Justine and Wes Foreman and Keeley Belle, Tim Foreman and Charles and Neoma Foreman.

Rich and Marty Patton went to Olathe Friday. Jenna and Christopher Lowry of Joplin joined them. They went to Midland Theater and saw a comedian, Jim Gaffigan, which they thought was very good. They spent the night with Dexter Patton. Tony and Jessa went to Bass Pro Saturday morning to see the Christmas decorations. They had lunch together before heading home.

Gilbert and Eleanor Willson made a trip to Branson Friday.

There was a very nice crowd at Meet the Knights Friday evening and we had lots of business donors which we appreciated very much. There were lots of great bidders. The new T-shirts with new design are in and the hoodies, sweats and shorts should be here shortly.

Corey Graham spent Monday with us as there was no school. Carter Foreman spent Thursday with us. Katie Budd and Brice had supper with Charles and me Thursday evening. Gary Vickers and Mark Hauf had lunch with us Friday and helped us work cattle. David Foreman helped work cattle after he got off work, and he and Brooklyn and Carter ate supper with us.

Quade Hays visited his grandparents, Alberta and Russell Hays, Sunday afternoon.

Jenise Burch attended the genealogy meeting Tuesday in morning and PEO in evening. Wednesday, the Burch family attended a memorial for Ronnie Wiegel. Thursday, Jered and Jenise attended the funeral for Alverda Weak, Sandra Gundy’s mother. Saturday, Jerry and Jenise took Kate and Cole to basketball camp and later attended the 60th anniversary for Bob and Janie Hutchison and ended the day by attending the benefit for the Sutton family at the fairgrounds. Sunday they rested.

Sympathy goes to the Ronnie Wiegel and Alverda Weak families.

The NEVC Varsity/Jr and Girls Varsity games will begin on Dec. 3.

This is the year for the Walker High School all-school reunion. It will be held the second Saturday in June 2014.

Rick and Janice Ribble of Wisconsin spent a couple of weeks working and cleaning brush at the Mound Cemetery. Marty Patton helped them and found another stone which had not been in the census before. The name was Lydia Mary Mueller, Sept. 26, 1870-May 17, 1882- daughter of Hermann and Mary Mueller. Charles and I helped one afternoon and found a foot stone only with the initials L. B. H. on it. Someone else has been setting and repairing three stones in the cemetery. All help is appreciated. Jason Vickers made a sign for the cemetery which looks very nice. Gary Vickers helped Charles set the posts for the sign.

For rental of the Walker Community Building, contact Walker City Hall 417-465-2230.

If anyone in the Walker area has news they wish to share with the community, please call me at 465-2389.