Council approves new liquor license for Casey’s

Posted February 6, 2014 at 4:35 pm

The El Dorado Springs City Council voted unanimously to approve a liquor license change for Casey’s General Store from OPL (original package liquor) to OPL and SOP (Sunday original package.) City Manger Bruce Rogers stated that the city has a limit of three Sunday sales licenses. When Casey’s applied the first time, there were none available. When Summer Fresh closed, Casey’s applied for the SOP that Summer Fresh had. Rogers said that all the requirements have been met for the license.

Councilmen Jerry Friar, Jerry Baldwin and Mayor Brad True were present as were Rogers and City Clerk Lisa Allison. Councilmen Randy Bland and Gene Floyd were absent.

Rogers told the council that the airport project has been completed. One additional payment is due to the contractor and the engineer. The city will submit the reporting requirements to the state this week and he is hoping the state will complete their part in two to three weeks.

Rogers said that Recreation Coordinator Walt Anderson is getting ready for the Jan. 17 and 18 basketball tournament. Currently there are 23 teams signed up. Last year there were 14. At this time there are only two teams, besides the El Dorado Springs teams, signed up for the February tournament. The February tournament is usually the bigger of the two.

Rogers said that the two columns on the bandstand that had wood rot had been repaired. He also said that there have been a few electrical outages recently. One was from an underground line that shorted out, one was from a squirrel in a transformer and a few from limbs on service lines. He said there have been no outages from trees or limbs on main lines. He said there had been a six inch water main leak at Kirkpatrick and Walnut Monday morning.

True asked when Pizza Hut would open and why had they closed. Rogers said they had a sewer backup and when Serve Pro was cleaning up, they found some sill plates and wall studs that were rotten. He said Pizza Hut is looking to do a remodel. The city is waiting to hear the scope of the work.

Rogers said he wanted the public to be aware that with the recent snow, the Street Department does not clean snow away from individual driveways. He said it takes up to a day and a half just to clean the streets and it’s not possible to clean snow from driveways as well.

The council voted to go into executive session to discuss real estate matters. There was no report from that session.