Cedar County Hospital Board approves 5% increase

Posted March 6, 2014 at 4:11 pm

At their Jan 20 meeting, the Cedar County Memorial Board of Trustees approved a 5% rate increase for services and a 2% employee salary increase. The new charges would increase the cost of a private room from $800 to $840 and a semi-private from $790 to $830.

Present at the meeting were Board President Judy Renn, Vice President Jan Neale and Board Secretary/Treasurer Johnny Walker. CEO Jana Witt, Director of Finance Carla Gilbert, CNO Dixie Flynn and Recording Secretary Terri Heitz were present as well. Board Members Cheri Allison and David Studer and Hospital Attorney Bryan Breckenridge were absent.

Gilbert reviewed specific items from the Revenue and Expense summaries and the FY 2015 Profit and Loss Statement showing a breakeven budget.

Witt reviewed the Capital Budget requests for FY 2015, 2016 and 2017. Capital Budget requests totaled $841,308; for FY 2015 – $226,946; for FY 2016 – $559,306 and FY17 – $35,056.

The Board reviewed the CCMH Strategic Plan for 2014-2016. Four strategic pillars were identified as follows: 1 – Quality Goal: To achieve a culture of quality and service that will ensure all those who access the services of Cedar County Memorial Hospital are provided services in a manner that reflect high standards of quality, safety and customer service. 2 – Financial Goal: To achieve financial stability and efficiency as an organization, while fulfilling the responsibilities of resource stewardship and integrity in business relationships. 3 – People Goal; To achieve a culture of staff satisfaction and engagement resulting in high performance, and 4 – Community Goal: To provide residents of Cedar County a range of healthcare services that are within the hospital’s financial capability and clinical competence.

Witt mentioned that that the County Health Department was tentatively notified their application for funding from the Cedar County Senior Tax Fund to be used for in-home services, was approved in the amount of $25,000. And the CCMH Exercise Center in Stockton was tentatively approved for $7,500 from the Senior Tax Fund.

The board voted to purchase an irrigation pump for the Surgery Department and a salt system for the pool and to have the pool painted at a total cost of $4,100.