Posted May 1, 2014 at 11:11 am

Spectacle Spectacular 3 cc.tif

Family Vision Center sponsored a as their Save Your Vision month project. Mrs. Perry, the art teacher, assisted her five 3rd grade art classes in making their individual custom sunglasses in our contest. She has a great group of artistic, creative and talented students that participated. A winner was selected from each class to receive their own custom sunglasses of their own choosing complimentary from Family Vision Center.

The winner are as follows: 1. Garrett Klaiber (Not pictured), teacher – Mrs. Dunn; 2. Macie Mays, teacher- Mrs. Culbertson; 3. Chinna Reddick, teacher- Mrs. Compton; 4. Alexa Tafelmeyer, teacher- Mrs. Koca; 5. Angelina Waldmer, teacher- Mrs. Wetter. Dr. Cathy Frier made the presentation.