Fire and rain

Posted July 10, 2014 at 3:32 pm

fire and rain 3cc front.tif

LIGHTNING STRIKES CASEY’S – Lightning struck the canopy over Casey’s General Store in El Dorado Springs during a morning downpour on Thursday, June 5. As a gas delivery man was filling the underground tanks, gas fumes escaped thought the vents that run up the corner posts to the canopy at the time lightning struck.

El Dorado Springs Fire Chief Owen Elliot said, “It was like a giant Bic Lighter and it burned until the operator shut down the fueling operation.”

Two firefighters, stopped at the corner of Hwys. 54 and 82, saw the lightning hit.

The fire department responded as did a City Utility truck. It was all over within 30 minutes. There was some damage to the canopy and Casey’s couldn’t pump any gas until later that night, according to Elliot.

Casey’s Corporate Office was unavailable for comment.