Cats and crappie biting

Posted June 26, 2014 at 11:48 am

Taberville Report

by Linda McCallister

Bobby said he had several campers over the weekend and they did real well on trotlines. On cut bait they were catching blue cats. On live bait, they were catching flatheads.

I asked him specifically about the size and he didn’t mention it. The weekend before a camper caught a 48 lb. blue cat on a brown carp on a trotline.

Late last week, they were catching crappie at Monegaw on minnows. Seveal people were getting their limits.

Late last week, people were catching stringers of blue cats on crawdads fishing in the river. They only caught one in the slot limit. They caught one over and the rest of them were outside the slot limit.

The protected slot limit is 26 inches to 34 inches.

They caught one bigger than that and the rest were smaller.

ElDo Report

by Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting & Tackle

A guy said they were catching cats right and left on rod and reel at Taberville during a tournament Saturday.

A few crappie are biting.

Another guy said they are catching crappie on Truman by Warsaw down deep.

Caplinger Report

by Ron Masters

Riverside Bait & Canoe

The water is not bringing the fish up like it ought to.

They are catching a few, but nobody is bragging about it. They go out and catch one or two crappie and they might get lucky and catch a walleye and maybe some catfish. It’s not what I’m used to seeing.

Morning before the sun hits the water is when they do best.

The size is starting to fall off. They say there are a few good ones in there.

There are still some line-breakers. Yesterday (Monday) somebody was fishing with a perch and caught a big catfish. He just took off with it and they couldn’t turn him around. He snapped the line.

The walleye are barely keepers.

They are running water right at the two foot mark here at Caplinger. A guy was wading and almost got into trouble. He had to back out and go the other way. He was trying to cross the river. He was a big boy, too.

Lake Stockton Report

by Brooke Jasper

Stockton State Park Marina

They are catching crappie on minnows on top of the brushpiles about 20 ft. deep. That’s all I’ve heard today.

Some of the brushpiles are marked with a sign in the trees.