Posted July 26, 2012 at 6:43 pm

The following felonies have been filed in Cedar County:

Anthony D Cheek, Lockwood, murder 2nd degree (July 15, 2011)

Cody Aron Porter, Joplin, property damage 1st degree (May 15)

Andrew Gene Vessey, El Dorado Springs, domestic assault – 2nd degree (July 15)

The following felonies have been disposed in Cedar County:

Marri Barnes aka Marri Stanton, Greenfield, forgery x 3 (Nov 19, 23, 2010), tampering w/motor vehicle 1st degree (Dec 27) five years supervised probation, $571 judgments, $80 judgment restitution, $300 judgment pub defender $92 CVC judgments (July 9)

Elizabeth M Cartwright, Milo, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana (Feb. 22, 2007), incarceration DOC 5 years-probation revoked sentence imposed ITC (July 9)

Jeremy DeShazo, El Dorado Springs, theft/stealing x 2 (Aug 13, 16, 2008), incarceration DOC 3 yrs-, failure to appear-felony (Feb 25, 2009), incarceration DOC 4 years-probation revoked sentence executed (July 9)

Jeffrey A Fisk, El Dorado Springs, burglary – 2nd degree (Oct 31, Nov 8, 2007), 5 years incarceration (April 15 ) Order date July 9)

Matthew R Haines, El Dorado Springs, promoting child pornography 1st degree x 3 (Sept 15, 2009), 8 years incarceration DOC (Dec 13, 2010) Order date July 9)

The following misdemeanors have been filed in Cedar County:

Brentton Gregory Mindhardt, El Dorado Springs, operate veh on hwy w/o valid license, minor visibly intoxicated, oper a mtr veh in a careless and imprudent manner involving an accident (May 19)

Krystal Marie Horning, El Dorado Springs, as owner or oper, auth another to oper a mtr veh w/o maintain financl respons, displayed/possed mtr veh/trl plates of another person (May 17)

Johnathan Adam Mullen, El Dorado Springs) passing bad check (Feb 12)

Eric William Greer, Jerico Springs, operate veh on hwy w/o valid license (May 24)

Darius Curtis Padgett, Stockton, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, possession of up to 35 grams marijuana, DWI – alcohol, fail to signal/gave improper signal when stopping/turning left or right (June 9)

Kyle Robert Ewing, Stockton, violation of child protection order x 5 (May 29)

The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County:

Kynsey K Collins, Stockton, harsmt by any cmmctn frghtn.intmdt/casu emtnl distrs or apprehnnsn of offnsv phys cntct or reck frght persn <=17 yrs x 2, trespass 1st degree (Dec 23), 14 days jail time (July 6)

The following traffic violations have been disposed in Cedar County:

Joshua David Baker, Stockton, exceeded posted speed limit by 20 – 25 mph (May 16), $149.50 fine (July 6)

City of Stockton v Walter R Grover, Stockton, defective equipment (May 19), $25 fine (July 5)

City of Stockton v Buddy N Hare Jr, Lockwood, DWI – alcohol, failed to drive on right half of roadway when roadway was of sufficient width (June 17), $358.50 fines (July 5)

The following civil cases have been disposed in Cedar County:

Julie R Scott v Kevin D Scott. Judgment full order protection.

LNNV Funding LLC v Kenneth D Coale, El Dorado Springs. Judgment in the amount of $6,696.90