First Baptist celebrates 130 years in El Dorado Springs

Posted September 6, 2012 at 11:22 am

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130 years is a long time. It is an honor to be part of such an historic fellowship. Over those years, First Baptist Church has remained an anchor for the El Dorado Springs community. The church has been here to celebrate the victories and to mourn the tragedies. We have sought to bring comfort in times of sorrow and pain as well as to congratulate and honor in times of rejoicing.

Above all else, however, we have sought to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to our community and to spread it around the world. That is exactly what Jesus called us and every church to do. In his Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commanded us to make disciples—followers of Jesus—of all nations. That task begins at home.

We seek first to minister to our community and to honor Jesus and the things he taught among our own families, friends, and neighbors. But we cannot be satisfied with only a home-town ministry. Through our missions giving and involvement, we help send missionaries to other parts of our nation and around the world to share that same good news of the love of Jesus to others. Those tasks are what First Baptist Church has always been about, and the same Great Commission will guide us into the future.

El Dorado Springs is by no means the same community it was 130 years ago. As a church we have adapted our ministry to bring the good news of Jesus to an ever-changing culture. Our community will not be the same in 100 years, or 50 years, or even in 10 years as it is now. We will continue to seek to adapt what we do to meet the changing needs of our community. We seek to be good neighbors, supporting friends and a welcoming fellowship to all with whom we come in contact. Our basic mission, however, remains the same. As we seek to meet the needs of our community and its citizens we will continue to seek to bring honor to Jesus in all we do.



The First Baptist Church of El Dorado Springs, MO had its beginning, Sept. 9, 1882, Elder C. Ingram, the missionary in the Nevada Baptist Association, came to our early town, conducted a 10 day revival meeting and upon discovering a number of Baptist in the town, proceeded to organized a Church. Fourteen members came forth and joined by letter.

They were as follows: John Hubbard, James H. Duncan, J.J. Smith, M.S. Monroe, Catherine E. Roby, Martha J. Richardson, Hariet Hawkins, N.J. Callor, R.V. Vanimeter, Mary E. Stephens, N.E. Jentry, C. Grimsley, Elizabeth Smith and D.C. Richardson.

These charter members, and others who came later, were truly a pioneer group, in the first six years, they conducted services in private homes, store buildings, the local opera house and in other early churches.

The Church purchased the lot at the corner of Main Street and Joe Davis in 1886. A building was started on Sept. 7, 1887, on this land. This structure served the church’s needs until 1912 and then a remodeling projected was done.

The church launched out into an extensive two fold building program in 1956, which would provide for the educational and spiritual development of the people. During its construction, the church began to make plans for a new sanctuary also, which was finished in 1959. The membership had grown to number 350 resident members.

In 2004, the church stepped out in faith again and began the construction of a new office complex and a Family Life Center. We moved into the office complex in January of 2005. The Family Life Center was completed and we took occupancy in September 2008

It has been the earnest desire of this church to be a spiritual, soul winning church.

This church has cooperated fully with the Osage River Baptist Association in extending a helping hand to other churches and missions, reaching out in Christian love. We continue to be grateful for all our abundant blessings and look forward to greater achievements for our Lord as we meet the challenge of future years.

Pastors of our church 1882-2012

Rev. J.B. Horn June 1884 –

Rev. M.A. Wolf December 1884 –

Rev. W.M. Wells April 1886 – June 1886

Rev. J.M. Ramsey July 1886 – December 1886

Rev. R.T. Driskell December 1886 – December 1887

Rev. T.W. Tate January 1888 –

Rev. T.G. Hendrix April 1889 – October 1890

Rev. Ruller Swift February 1891 – July 1891

Rev. J.T. Neville November 1891 – November 1894

Rev. W.M. Baker December 1894 – July 1897

Rev. T.G. Hendrix July 1897 – January 1899

Rev. S.P. Brite February 1899 – March 1901

Rev. T.G. Hendrix May 1901 – November 1904

Rev. Luther Tucker November 1904 – November 1905

Rev. Guinn August 1906 – July 1907

Rev. Neely December 1907 – September 1908

Rev. Luther Tucker October 1908 – August 1909

Rev. J.B. Seat January 1910 – March 1911

Rev. A.R. Fosters August 1911 – January 1914

Rev. San Frank Taylor February 1914 – January 1917

Rev. H.S. Thornhill October 1917 – April 1919

Rev. W.J. Laster September 1919 – June 1920

Rev. jWinter Green July 1920 – October 1925

Rev. Grant Greekmore March 1926 – March 1927

Rev. M.E. Powley February 1928 – April 1930

Rev. W.C. Ferguson December 1931 – October 1932

Rev. F.M. Miller November 1932 – September 1933

Rev. E.W. Chewning May 1934 – December 1936

Rev. R.I. Clemings July 1937 – July 1940

Rev. Floyd E. Pittman January 1941 – June 1943

Rev. H. Burnett December 1943 – December 1944

Rev. R.F. Branson June 1945 – December 1945

Rev. Charles E. Casteel May 1946 – January 1956

Rev. G.H. Sublett March 1956 – October 1965

Rev. Charles Shumaker February 1966 – August 1972

Rev. Gary Hawkins May 1973 – May 1976

Rev. Bill Riddle September 1976 – January 1983

Rev. Benny Gard May 1983 – July 1986

Rev. Larry D. Nail December 1986 – October 1999

Rev. G.H. Sublett April 2000 – August 2001

Rev. Thomas N. Willoughby January 2002 – October 2007

Rev. Gregory T. Bunn April 2008 – August 2008

Rev. John Holt December 2008 – May 2010

Rev. Ron Marsh May 2010 – Present