Gene Pray Cross Country Rally

Posted September 13, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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START OF THE GIRLS RACE – 46 girls hit full stride to start their race. The heat seemed to drain the girls more than the boys.

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START OF THE BOYS RACE – At the sound of the starter’s gun, 77 cross country athletes from a dozen area schools took off on the 3.1 mile course in grueling heat.

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FIRST PLACE FEMALE – was Rachael Wheeler, Stockton, whose time was 21:20.

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TOP ELDO RUNNER – Tommy Cornejo was the top El Dorado Springs High School male runner in the EHS Cross Country Meet held on the Gene Pray Memorial Golf Course on Thursday, Sept. 6. Cornejo finished the race in 19:54 coming in 13th about two minutes behind the winner, Drew Buckner of Lamar. The ElDo High School boys took 4th in the meet. Lamar was 1st, Stockotn 2nd and Fair Play 3rd.

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TOP ELDO FINISHER – in the female race was Katie Bruggeman who came in 14th at 26.35. The girls team finished 3rd in the meet. Stockton took 1st. and Lamar 2nd.

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OUT OF GAS – A Lamar runner made it across the finish line then needed help to get to the water cooler. Later the young lady did not remember anything about her ordeal at the finish line.

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IT TAKES IT ALL – T-Shirts on parents proclaimed, “All it takes is all you’ve got.” Two female runners proved that after crossing the finish line.