Bulldogs tied 55-55 with Springfield with seconds to go

Posted October 4, 2012 at 10:35 am

On Monday, the Sun interviewed Bulldog Head Coach Bob Ramsey after his 2-A team on Friday, almost pulled off an upset of the 4-A Springfield Central Bulldogs and held their highly rated running back to just 38 yards.

The ElDo Bulldog offense, led by Tanner Hixson with 204 rushing yards, gained 503 total yards while holding Springfield to 468 total yards.

The difference was four fumbles of which the ElDo Bulldogs lost three. And the Springfield Bulldogs gained 381 of their yards passing which resulted in six touchdowns. Springfield made three touchdowns rushing.

The ElDo Bulldogs made three touchdowns in the air and five touchdowns on the ground – three by Tanner Hixson, two by QB Kason Schwalm. James Dubois gained 88 yards running the ball on six attempts. Kason Schwalm kept the ball 14 times gaining 50 yards. Derrick Taylor ran seven times for 30 yards.

James Dubois caught two passes for 38 yards, one for a TD. Robert Keith caught a 56 yard pass and run for a TD.

Tanner Hixson caught three passes for 45 yards, one of them for a TD.

Coach Ramsey told the Sun, “Well, it was a lot of fun. We wish the outcome had been different, but what an exciting game. I haven’t seen too many that turned into a scoring…track meet like that.”

“We turned the ball over four times in the second half. We gave up a couple of touchdowns and they got the lead on us. We didn’t think they could stop us. All we had to do was not turn the ball over and not have any penalties. That we would score and we did.”

“We got a big play on an on-side kick that we covered. We had another one at the end of the game that we covered. The ruling was that it didn’t go 10 yards before we touched it. We watched that baby on tape. It clearly went 10 yards. That would have given us the ball with two minutes left with the score tied. Consequently, we didn’t get it. We stopped them and made them have to punt.”

“We got the ball back with about a minute to go. We got it down inside the 20 with six seconds tied 55-55. We didn’t have any time outs. We ran the field goal unit on thinking we had a good chance to kick that field goal and win it. Probably the worst thing that could happen, it was blocked and a kid got a great bounce to where he didn’t have to get on the ground to cover it. He was able to catch it in the air, then we couldn’t catch him. He went 80 yards for a touchdown and they won.”

“We tried to do several things out there. We knew a couple of kids were fast. We didn’t do a very good job of defending the pass. We got outrun to the ball several times.”

“We did manage to slow down their runningback. I think it was the first time this year that he didn’t have a hundred yards rushing. We did a great job of stopping No. 36.”

“The tapes we had, their quarterback, No. 11, had been hurt. They were playing a sophomore who didn’t throw the ball very well at all. So, them coming out in the shotgun and throwing the deep ball – we weren’t really ready for that part of their offense.”

“So, we were scrambling making changes to try to get those outside receivers covered and didn’t get it done.”

“If I had to do it again, I’d still try to kick that field goal, because we could make it from there. I just wish we’d protected a little better and that kid hadn’t got off the edge on us. That’s just one of those things you go back and correct the next week.”

“Usually if you score 55 points and rush for over 300 yards, you win. That’s the way it’s supposed to go.”

“Tanner had a big night. James Dubois had some nice runs. Derrick Taylor had some nice runs. When you are able to get that fullback going it opens up some other things.”

“We are getting better. Now we go and play some schools our size the next three weeks. Hopefully, playing that tough schedule sharpened our skills a little and we’ll be ready.”

“We play 3-3 Pierce City here Friday night. Their running back is leading the state in rushing. This kid carries 36 times a game.”

“They don’t throw it much.”

“It was a good crowd and good atmosphere Friday night, I appreciate everybody coming out and supporting the Bulldogs on homecoming night. We hope to see them all again this Friday.”

On offense, the Bulldogs had 15 first downs, Central had seven.

On defense, Tanner Hixson had 7.5 tackles, one a Tackle for a Loss (TFL). Jacob Bowman had 6 tackles, one a TFL. Kyle Collins made 4 tackles, one a TFL. James Dubois had 4 tackles and got half a TFL. Robert Keith made 3.5 tackles, one of them the half of a TFL. Colton Hedrick made three tackles, one of them a sac and 1.5 TFL. Hayden Harper had three tackles. Austin Jones made three tackles with half a TFL. Kason Schwalm made two tackles. Derrick Taylor and Koty Steward each had one tackle. Steven Taylor tallied half a tackle.

Schwalm keeps 3 cc  .tif

SCHWALM KEEPS – Bulldog Quarterback Kason Schwalm (No. 9) gained some of his 50 yards on 14 carries on this run during the Dog on Dog game Friday night between the El Dorado Springs Bulldogs and the Springfield Central Bulldogs.
Tanner scores 2 cc  .tif

TANNER SCORES – Three times on the ground and once on a pass, Bulldog Runningback Tanner Hixson got into the end zone. Then there was the Tanner Hixson 12 yard pass to James Dubois for the first points by either team.

_MG_6853 3cc .tif

BULLDOGS SMOTHER BIG SPRINGFIELD RUNNING HOUND – Last year, S. Hodges (No. 36), premier Springfield Central runningback, was picked as the top at his position in Southwest Missouri. Friday night, the ElDo Bulldogs had a mission – to shut him down. He gained 38 yards on 15 carries and had one TD. Mission accomplished.