Don't forget the hayride Oct. 6

Posted October 11, 2012 at 10:55 am

by M Zink and J Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor David Souza message entitled “Are you for or against” from Mark 9: 38-50.

Mt. Zion Home Bible study was held in the Pelkeys, there were 10 in attendance. We invite you to join us Tuesday evening at 7 p.m., Call Tom at 660-598-0477.

Mt. Zion area has been blessed with beautiful weather receiving two inches of rain and the grass is growing, still getting produce from the garden.

Our sympathy to the families of Ruth Waite and Paul Peterson.

Words can’t express all the kindness shown to my family this past week when my son was killed in an accident at his home in Garden City. Funeral services were held Friday in Garden City with interment in Kidd’s Chapel Cemetery.

Saturday was a beautiful day for the Mongraw Springs Reunion. Friends and family gathered and enjoyed visiting, eating all the good food, entertainment for the kids of all ages.

Most of the Siegismunds attended the Siegismund family Reunion in Lockwood at Emma Cassidy home.

Tom Pelkey has been busy this week gathering firewood and filling the wood shed. Beverly is about to get the grandkids' quilts finished.

Recent visitors in the Howard and Dixie Peterson home have been Clyde Josephine and Brenda Peterson of Richmond, Clyde Keith of Lowry City. Saturday evening Howard and Dixie visited Kent Mitchell, Jodi and Tucker at the Deer Camp. Tucker was showing off his motorized pickup truck, too soon he will be driving a real pickup, time moves on.

June Marshall is doing her usual shopping, talking and finishing her art project.

Don’t forget the fall hayride at the Kidd’s Chapel Church Saturday, Oct. 6. I’m looking forward to a real hayride with real horses. Everyone is invited.

John and Julia Snethen haven’t been doing too much this past week, John has been busy with the bus and Julia has been going to the doctor in Clinton over her feet. But Julia was able to get out to church on Sunday. Granddaughter, Shella, made her last trip to Kansas City and cleaned out her apartment and turned in her keys. She is planning to go to college and get another degree.