April 25

City of El Dorado Springs vs:

Donavon Anderson, trespass first degree, $125 .50

James Cheek, fail to show proof of ins, no operator license, C&R driving w accident, $326.50

Stephen Cox, poss of drug paraphernalia, trespass first degree, $301

Landon Daniel, $125.50

Lendia Dipman, DWR, $425.50

Brittany Duncan, trespass first degree, $125.50

April Green, no license plates, $75.50

Redeemer Heath, speeding 38/25, $53.50

Ryan Hubbard, dog at large, $50.50

Jamie Isaac, C&R Driving, $75.50

Kenneth Johnson,  endangering wel child, $125.50

Jonathan Mart, no license plates, $75.50

Kevin Scott, obnoxious dog, $75.50

Jaime Swagert, pos of drug paraphernalia, $175.50

Lisa Hunt, fail to appear per court ord, $122.50

Shawnda Pulley, poss of drug paraphernalia, $175.50


Nicholas Brandell, carry concealed weapon, $325.50

Rebecca Franklin, dist of peace by fighting, $225.50

Jonathan Houdeshell, dist of peace by fighting,  DWR, wrong license plates, $575.50

Stefanie Meek, poss drug paraphernalia x 2, poss marijuana, $526.50

Sherry Wisere, assault, $125.50


Patrick Decker, fail to appear per court ord, $95.50

Amanda Johnson, endangering wel child, $225.50

Kenneth Johnson, fail to appear subpoena, $125.50

Shayla Sloan, fail to appear subpoena, $125.50

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