ElDo Municipal Court

Joshua Carter, burn solid waste prohib, $75.50.

Kellie Cooper, dog at large, $50.50.

Laci Mateyka, speeding 45/35, $27.50.

Theodore Meche, dog at large, $50.50.

Vicki Price, dog at large, $50.50.

Donavon Anderson, wrong license plates, $125.50.

Andrew Vessey, fail to stop stop sign, $75.50.

Joseph Fritts, obstruct duty of officer, possession marijuana, poss drug paraphernalia, fail to obey officer, $802.

Samantha Johnson, poss drug paraphernalia, $175.50.

Michael Brigman, fail to appear per ct order, $75.50.

Derek Masters, fail to appear per ct order, $75.50.

Amy Miller, stealing utilities, $75.50.

Brian Snethen, stealing, $125.50.

Andrew Vessey, D.W. revoked, $425.50.

Tyler Wilkins, fail to appear per ct order, $75.50.

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