I’m glad Mr. Owen Martin got to enjoy his birthday. I received his obituary, the same day I received “The Grapevine,” the in-house publication of Community Springs Healthcare Facility, with the smiling photo on the cover Kimball took at his 102nd birthday party surrounded by much younger friends. A farmer to the end, the decoration on his  cake was of a red tractor.

– Megan is filling in for Gwen while she attends her aunt’s funeral in Ohio. When I was in college, I had a summer internship in Cincinnati, then we took Davis  to several karate tournaments in Louisville, KY, which is just across the Ohio River. The drive is no joke. I hope Gwen, Brittany and Josh get back safely.

– Steven and Sam Barger told us that they had found about 20 mushrooms while turkey hunting, most of them dried up. Davis and I couldn’t figure out which winter day to go look in our mushroom spots, so we didn’t.

– I made a big mistake last night I don’t plan to repeat. When it was time for bed, I was not as sleepy as I wanted to be so I read a magazine in bed. Or, I tried to. Couldn’t get comfortable in a position I could really read it. Finally, I gave up and turned off the light.

– Davis almost learned a harsh lesson Monday. It was a beautiful day so he removed the doors and top from his Jeep and “stored” them on our trash dumpster.

Well, Monday while Davis was gone, Joe Burnett came into the office and told Mary that he was walking by and a lady asked him to help her load the doors off Davis’ jeep into her car. Joe said he told the lady that they belonged to someone in the Sun office so she left.

In case Davis doesn’t thank Joe, I will. Thanks, Joe. Good save. KL