Sunday was Mother’s Day which I’m sure you all know, but it turned out to be a special one.

Davis’ wife, Erica, complained bitterly Sunday morning as she got ready to leave for her job at Chili’s in Joplin. Her son, Ben, is nine years old and she has always had to work on Mother’s Day instead of spending time with him.

As soon as church was over Sunday morning, actually it was 12:30 p.m., I headed for the bathroom knowing it would be a long ride. We headed to Nevada to where Davis, Ben and Erica live. I met Ben for the first time.

Davis took over the driving duties from there. We made a quick stop so he and Ben could pick up flowers for their mothers.

About two hours after church let out we were getting close to Chili’s and Davis got a text from Erica saying she was “really hating today.”

When Kimball, Ben, Davis and I walked into the restaurant, Davis told the waitress who seated us that we wanted to sit in Erica’s section. Soon she appeared from the kitchen and held her composure well.

Every time she passed our booth, she either kissed Ben on the head, patted Davis on the shoulder, or both.

Her co-workers came by our booth one at a time to meet the son and the husband they had heard about but hadn’t met.

The manager gave Erica some time off to come sit with us. Kimball used the time to snap a family photo of Erica, Ben and Davis.

When we had finished our meal, which was delicious, out came a small skillet holding a hot chocolate chip cookie, a large scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate and four spoons. Since we didn’t have any instructions, we just had to wing it.

We left a lot happier wife and mother than when she left home that morning.

Ben gave in to the food and slept on the way home.

Back at their house, he and Davis showed us their chickens and ducks.

As we were about to leave, both Davis and Ben came to Kimball and me for a hug.

I think Ben might like his new grandparents. We certainly like him.           KL

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