I talked to Monday to Wyatt Graves about his part in the East-West All Star game over the weekend and wrote an article based on our conversation.

Then, I received an email from his mom, Jodi, in much more detail and mentioning the entire family. I told her that her version was much more complete than mine so I scrapped my article. She said, “I like to brag on my kids.”

You may remember that Jodi gave me a hard time because once when I started to shoot photos of the Youth Fair queen candidates, I had not yet removed my lens cover. I congratulated her on remembering to do that before she took the photo of Wyatt she sent.

Well, the dad, Andy, told me not to give her credit for the photo. He took it. Jodi had neglected to mention that.

Now we’ve got it all straight and Wyatt’s football career is over on a high note. He was recruited to play college ball but declined saying it would be too much like a job. He wants to concentrate on college. His younger brother, Trey, will have to pick up the pigskin,

I ran into another high school star this week who made that same choice. Anyssa Salazar told me she quit college softball because there were nine catchers on the team and she wasn’t getting to travel. She told me she wants to devote her attention to college.

Have you ever noticed that a person who has a talent in one area often wants to do something else. The ones that really excel are the ones who cultivate their talent. I know a guy who has perfect pitch. He can hear a note and tell you right where it is on the piano. And did he want a career in music? Of course not.

Many of the popular musicians don’t know that much about music. They just have the gift…  and use it.

I get to enjoy that talent as a spectator. I record Larry’s Country Diner, Bluegrass Underground and Austin City Limits and occasionally get to hear a group that rings my bell. Kimball and I really enjoy listening to them when we have a few minutes.

Once Adrian asked my opinion of a band she heard. I told her that I don’t judge a band on its volume but on the quality of music and songs they perform. I mentioned some artists I like such as James Taylor, Ann Murray, Willie Nelson and even the Beatles, who aren’t loud but have quality. Adrian said, “I’ve never thought of it that way.”

Sometimes you can find a teachable moment. Adrian and I were walking home from my parents house on a really dark night. I told her that if she looked at objects in her side vision they would show up better in the dark. A minute later she said, “They do.” KL

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