Hey guys, we appreciate all the news you send us. We really do. But if you are trying to get us to NOT print your news, I’ll tell you how to accomplish that – PUT IT IN ALL CAPS, LIKE THIS. Why? Because we have to re-keyboard every bit of it. True, if you bring us a handwritten or a typed piece of news, we have to retype it anyway. But if you make it ALL CAPS, we have to go through it carefully to determine what really needs to be capitalized.

On the other hand, if you email us your news in CAPS and lower case, it’s a breeze to edit and get into print.

One of our clubs meets on Thursday. By Thursday afternoon or by Friday morning, I already have their report. That gets it away from the slug of news that hits us at the last minute on Monday and Tuesday. Good plan.

– We went to the Stoney Creek School Fundraiser Friday night in Fair Haven Park. I’ve never been a fan of chicken and noodles… until I ate theirs. I’d drive all the way over there even if they didn’t serve fried chicken. Moses Eicher told us that his mother-in-law sells her chicken and noodles on Hwy. C, just north of the intersection with Hwy. Y which puts it a little ways south of Fair Haven. I think he said she has a serve yourself setup. If you try it, please let me know.

– Some of the Stoney Creek guys said they thought about going over to Schell and picking up some fish for a fry. They obviously didn’t think about it very long.

Several of the people at the feed Friday night, asked me if I write the Rock Wall. I could tell that they knew I’m not quite right. I made sure they know this is my “foolishness column.” They were the same ones who said they thought about the fish fry. Same sense of humor as mine.

– Autumn Woody found the first Picnic Arm Band. It was on the north El Dorado Springs city limit sign on Hwy. 82/Main Street. One down, four to go.

The first clue was: “A main number between 1 and 100 will help in finding the treasure you seek.
It will direct you to the hiding place which can be seen every week
. We show our pride with this city here in the Midwest
so head out and begin your quest.”

Here’s your next clue: “This game makes people have theories they wish to express so feel free to write us a post here and venture a guess.

If you feel like being a little nag remember every clue is the key to having this in the bag.”

Reminder: You don’t have to climb, dig or disturb any property. It is accessible 24/7. All other references to when clues will be given out are on the June 18 facebook page.

– Davis and Erica are with her mother in Iowa selling fireworks. So far, the summer weather has not made it that far north. Davis is complaining about the cold.

We are baby-sitting Erica’s ferret, Mordicai, and Davis’ dog, Caddee. So far, their pets have not joined the family circle. We have strict instructions from Davis not to put the ferret down in front of his dog.

Mordecai is a curious, friendly little creature that looks like a snake with long hair. Gwen was petting him in one of the offices with the door shut. She let me in and put him back on the floor. The first thing he did was try to crawl up my right jeans leg then my left. His toenails need trimming bad.

Tuesday evening, I held him for Mary to pet before she went to Bingo. All I’m sure of is that Mordecai is a lot friendlier and brighter than the hamsters we had. So far, he doesn’t bite even though he has the armament of a mink which I know is fearsome. In a week the hamsters would forget they had been your friend and attack the strange hand in their cage. Fortunately, all three of the hamsters succumbed to old age after about a year.

– The Fair Haven Park Board will host a breakfast smorgasbord from 7 to 10 Saturday if you think you’ll be hungry by then. KL

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