Somebody please shake the clock to see if it is stuck in overdrive. We’re already talking about the first football game Aug.18. There’s a midnight scrimmage Friday night so you can get a free peek at the 2017 squad in action.

Remember when we were kids and the summer, while too short, seemed to go on forever?

By now, my feet would have been completely toughened up from walking on gravel.

One summer I went after some crows that were having a party northwest of the house up by the hayfield. – barefooted, of course. Don’t think I got any of the crows, but I did pick up a thorn in my right foot. Callouses don’t impress thorns. I’m not talking about stickers, this was from an honest to goodness thorn tree which sprouted 3, 4 and 5 inch thorns.

It stuck with me, so to speak, for a week or more. One day when I was sitting on the south steps working on it with a needle, the nearly half inch long thorn popped out almost in my face. I remember telling Mom that if I had been a girl I might have fainted. I kept the thorn in a medicine bottle for a long time.

It was at this time of year when Dad and I would wade and fish for spawning black perch. Once in a while, a good sized bass would hit and make the line sing in the water. Haven’t done that in years. Might have to go. I’ll see if Davis wants to go. That’s where you cast sidearm or get ready to tie on a new spinner.

My fishing reporters tell me trotliners are fishing for big cats with big baits. I thought the big ‘uns went in the logs and under rocks about the first of July. Some of Dad’s buddies didn’t fish for them with trotlines. I don’t know if any old river rats are left who fish by hand, so to speak.

– Just called Adrian to see how our grandson is doing. She said he is kicking a lot. Adrian is fine. Cain had a busy day. Merle prefers the AC to the summer heat. So do I.

This morning as I was about to leave for the office, I went to the north door to see if the cats wanted in. Surprise, they both did. They’ll be wanting out when I get home tonight.

Well, I gotta go get Kimball a snack so she can finish putting your paper together. I’ll probably eat something so I can sleep until 2 a.m. to go get the finished product. KL

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