I got acquainted Tuesday with a lady who took care of me when I was a tiny baby. Vivian Lavon Root went to work and live at Martha Chambers Emergency Hospital at age 14 in October 1946. I was born there on Dec. 14, 1946. Vivian Reeves ended her earthly journey on Easter Sunday after a long, productive life in nursing specializing in Pediatrics. Her photo shows a happy, confident person you’d be happy to meet, get to know and call a friend.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to know her better but I’m thankful for the start she helped give me.

– Van, our grandson, needed a baby sitter later this week. He has the entire week off and his momma has to work… at home but she can’t be babysitting.Where could you find a better, more willing person for the task than Grandma Kimball? Davis and his friend, Erica, have volunteered to take Kimball to the Springfield Airport Wednesday morning, then retrieve her on Sunday.

No, I don’t feel left out. With this rotten cold, I don’t want to get anywhere near the little tyke. Adrian keeps me supplied with candid photos that lets me update my phone screensaver (called wallpaper). If you want a peek, just ask me.

I’m glad to try to make myself useful as well as ornamental by babysitting our cats so somebody else doesn’t have to let them in and out on demand, put down fresh food, let them in and out, give them fresh water and let them in and out.

I’ll have plenty to do here helping Mary make the transition to Quick Books from our old billing program that died. We subscribed to the online support and are glad we did. There’s comfort in getting knowledgeable help with just a toll free call.

-If you happen to get your hands on a March 2018 issue of Louisiana Sportsman magazine, flip to Page 76 for an article on how to take the guess out of patterning your turkey gun. I haven’t seen it yet except the way it looked when it came out of my computer. Gunwriter Gordon Hutchison helped me get it published since he lives in that state and I don’t anymore.

– Mary and Kimball told me Tuesday afternoon that we didn’t get the Cedar County Sheriff’s report again this week. I called down there and the dispatcher told me there were personnel problems and the report didn’t get done. He said we’d get one next week.

In a few minutes, Sheriff McCrary called to tell me some people had quit, some had gotten fired and we would have a sheriff’s report next week. I’ve had to deal with personnel problems in the past so I understand.

I gave the sheriff three email addresses. I suggested that he (and you) use all three every time you send us an email: sunnews@centurylink.net, kwlong@centurylink.net and sunpub@centurylink.net Then do one more thing. Please type – Please confirm receipt – then send. We will reply. If we don’t, we didn’t get it. Until you know we did, the ball is in your court.

This week, Jean Wernel was pleasant but not overjoyed that we had not published an article she tried to send more than once. We gave her those instructions. We received her report and it’s in this issue. KL

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