BAND SCORES WELL AT STATE – I am so proud of our Bulldog Band students! They never stop making me proud!

We traveled to the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble on Wednesday, April 24.  The students enjoyed a fun day of shopping, ice cream at Central Dairy, dinner, and a fun evening playing Lazer Tag and arcade games. We tried to keep everyone relaxed and having fun as to not stress them out for the big day.

The morning came pretty quick as we prepared for the long morning of performances. Our first soloists started playing at 8:21 and our last group performed at the 11:44. To say it was busy, is an understatement. At the end of the day, our results came in as the following:

Bronze Ratings

Trumpet Quartet – Ethan Roberts, Alex Posey, Brooke Ehlers, and Kenli Rader

Silver Ratings

Christopher Woody – Baritone Solo

Clarinet Quartet – Hunter Jacobs, Harmony Randolph, Libby Toliver, and Blake Carnahan

Brass Sextet – Ethan Roberts, Alex Posey, Brock Kirbey, Brice Knoll, Christopher Woody, and Duane Perkins

Brock Kirbey – French Horn Solo

Gold Ratings

Ethan Roberts – Trumpet Solo

We are so proud of our Bulldog Band members! Some of these kids were also doubling up for vocal performances!! It was a fun, musical filled day.