SAC OSAGE ELECTRIC VISITS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – With the final days of school counting down and summer storms on the horizon, not many parents would think to speak to their children about the danger of electric powerlines.  Thirteen year veteran, Aaron Ash, Marketing Coordinator at Sac Osage Electric, stopped by the ECS campus on Thursday, April 26, to present a “Powerline Safety Demonstration” to approximately 100 students. Ash explained that powerlines carry 7,200 volts of electricity and are extremely dangerous. If you see a downed powerline, always assume that the wires are energized  and harmful. Staying at least 25 feet from the damage line.  To demonstrate electrical dangers, Mr. Ash used a small replica of the electric lines to show why the “lines are intentionally put out of reach and why the utility companies do all they can to keep them that way. Sac Osage Electric has provided this Safety Program for many years, covering nine counties, which include; Vernon, St. Clair and Cedar counties.  He said, “we are happy to present this program to children as well as adults.”