Sac Osage Retired School Employees’ Association met on Monday, April 15.  The meeting included a delicious potluck salad luncheon.  Members attending the April 12th MRTA Region 6 meeting shared their findings.

The Nellie Nicholas Scholarship was discussed.  Applications and guidelines were given to the two schools;  the announcement was put in the papers, and was also included on the Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.  It was noted that those that couldn’t pick up their forms in person could email Ashley Rogers at: to request a copy of the forms.   A May 1 deadline had been determined, with applications being sent to Evelyn Boyle at her  1405 S. Jackson address.

We have had many returning applicants, as well  as new ones each year.  We have been able to award from 5-8 scholarships each year, each one with a value of  $2500-5000.  The Nellie Nicholas Scholarship has been such a wonderful opportunity for our El Dorado Springs college students pursuing a career in education.

Nellie was a dear member of our organization and she left a tremendous legacy with this scholarship for education majors.  However, she did not wish this scholarship to be used for master’s work in education.

The Scholarship Committee of SORSEA will meet in May to go through applications and determine scholarship winners.   It was determined that  a social will be given for the winners in June.