By Richard Gardner

On Saturday July 27, we hosted our annual adult-youth golf tournament at Gene Pray Memorial Golf Course. This is a fun tournament for the kids and the adults and is well attended. This year we had 21 teams entered (19 teams played) and there was a lot of good scores and great shots hit by our young golfers. We play a 9 hole scramble with 3 age divisions. The teams must play at least one shot from each player on every hole. Following are the scores for each team.

6-9 year old flight.

Maddie and Joe Robison-50

Brayton and Jeremy Barger- 49

Colt and David Rogers- 47

Mylie Robison and  James Brackenridge-47

Cannon and Kevin Hill- 44

Gunner and Tyson Basore – 41

10-12 year old flight

Aiden and David Rotert-48

Mckena Robison and Randy Bobbett-46

Owen and Travis Basore 46

Treavyn King and Charlie Boultinghouse- 45

Lily Taylor and Chuck Walter- 44

Hiram and Paxton Berry- 39

Sky Gibbs and Chace Burrus- 39

13-15 year old flight

Noah and Nick Bland -49

Gavin Whitworth and Ed LaPreze- 43

Wriley Taylor and Dick Gardner -43

Auston Smith and Larry Karsten- 42

Connor and Brian Goatley -41

Devun and Drex Salazar -33

Thanks to the adult players for bringing the kids out and thanks to the kids for putting up with the adults. Hope to see you next year. My apologies for not getting a group picture.

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