ECS 5K – Saturday, Sept. 22, was a brisk, cool morning.   The temperature didn’t seem to faze the ready-to-run participants who competed in the 3rd Annual ECS 5K Run/Walk.  Runners, ages 6 to 66 hit the payment with smiles.  Medals were awarded to the top three competitors in each age category.   Bottled water, protein bars and fruit were available to each participant as he/she crossed the finish line.  It was a GREAT run.

Results of the 5K Run/Walk:

13 and Under Girls:

1st place, Olivia Bryson, 2nd place Jenna Biron, 3rd place, Leah Biron.

13 and Under Boys:

1st Rylee Bowman, 2nd place, Noah Bland, 3rd place, Jack Bland.

14-19 Boys/Girls:

1st place, Jordanne Steuck, 2nd place, Hunter Malensek, 3rd place, Joelle Biron.

20-29 Boys/Girls:

1st place, Brooke Beaty with a time of 22:15. Congratulations.

30-39 Boys/Girls:

1st place, D.J. Bowman, 2nd place Jason Koger, 3rd, Tessie Watkins.

40-49 Boys/Girls:

1st place, Rebeka LeeMasters, 2nd place Shelley Pritchett, 3rd place, Yolandie Linsenmayer.

50 and over:

1st place, Warren Wisner with a time of 21:15.   2nd place, Jan Bland.

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