Saturday November 10, 2018 was the 15th annual Natural State Classic which was a ProMac and ASKC rated tournament. The tournament was held in Little Rock Arkansas. There were 3 competitors from El Dorado Springs competing, all of them were representing Team Heartland and from Next Level Sport Karate, where they are taught by Richard Osborn Jr.

Taylin Oberly competed in the 11 and under open weight girls sparring event. Open weight is for any girl at any belt rank at 11 years of age or under. Taylin went into the event and won 1st place. This 1st place added to her growing list of open weight wins that she has won the last 6 months of 2018. Taylin also competed in the 10-11 year old intermediate division. Taylin finished 1st in traditional weapons and traditional forms. Taylin also competed in the 10-11 year old intermediate sparring division where she walked away with first place again. For the day Taylin completed a clean sweep in her age division adding in her open weight win, Taylin finished with four first place trophies. Taylin also competed in the 13 and under intermediate/advanced weapon grand championship as well as the 13 and under intermediate/advanced forms grand championship. Taylin fell a little short of winning grands in both, but was a great day overall.

Jenna Runkle competed in the eight to nine year old beginners division. This was Jenna’s first competition since she broke her foot over six weeks ago. Jenna was allowed to compete in her walking boot. Jenna competed in the eight to nine year old beginners traditional weapons and forms divisions. Jenna came away with a 2nd place trophy in the traditional weapons division. She finished the forms division 6th out of 11 other competitors, but was .13 points away from placing in the top 4 spots. It was a good showing for Jenna after not being able to compete and wanting to show that even though she was in a walking boot she wanted to compete.

Jordan Runkle competed in the 11 and under boys open weight sparring event. Jordan being only seven years old faced boys that were higher ranked and older by a few years. Jordan finished in 4th place in a very good group. Jordan then competed in the six to seven year old intermediate divisions for traditional weapons, forms, and sparring. Jordan finished in 1st place in traditional weapons. Jordan then competed in forms, where he finished in 3rd place. Jordan then went into the sparring division against some good competitors and finished 2nd. With his 1st place finish in weapons, Jordan was able to compete in the 13 and under intermediate/advanced weapons grand championship division. Jordan finished a little short in grands, but had a stronger performance than he did in his age division, which is something to build on.

All three competitors did amazing jobs in their divisions and look forward to continuing the great success they have had the last six months of the year. All 3 kids look to grow, improve, and take 2019 by storm. The kids would like to thank their instructor Richard Osborn Jr. and their other coaches including Dustin Stapp. Without their help and guidance this year, the kids would not have been able to achieve what they have accomplished. Under their instructor they will continue to grow and look forward to what 2019 has in store for them. The kids have 1 more tournament November 17, 2018 to finish off the year. The kids would also like to thank those who have supported them this year, friends, family, and local supporters. Without all of you, this would not be possible.

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