for Sale – Big Bales of Clover & Fescue Hay for sale. $35 876-5993

for Sale – 50,000 BTV Warm Morning natural gas heating stove.  Aire-Dyne exercise bike, like new. 876-4298.

For Sale – Deer Rifle or a Target Rifle

Single hole accuracy at 100 yards. Savage smokeless powder muzzleloader.  Would also shoot black powder. Like new. Swarovski 3×9 scope. See through mounts. Accu-Trigger set at 3 lbs. 4 one pound bottles of smokeless powder. Chrony. Electronic powder scales. Dead on at 100 yards with 250 grain bullets. Easy to change zero. Shoots up to 300 gr. bullets.  Everything you need to make it work for you. Too many options to list. Ready to go hunting. I’ll teach  you everything  you need to know. Call 876-3841 to make appointment to see. $2,250 OBO.